View Full Version : Impressions of Commandos 3

18th Oct 2003, 16:26
I must say to Eidos & Pyro Studios that I was really looking forward to the release of Commandos 3.

I am a long time Commandos fan.

As far as Interface/Playability/Difficulty is concerned:

I thought that Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines & Commandos 2 were Really Good. both games seemed to have a good balance for both new-comers to the series and the hard-core fan.

Commandos - Beyond The Call of Duty, had a good mix of all of the above except there was not really any starter levels for the new-comers.

I am sorry to say that Commandos 3 the way it is right now is a Big Step Backwards when it comes to ALL of the above.

The difficulty is WAY TOO Hard, and the interface is worse than before & lack of hot keys.

I feel that this is more like a Beta-Release instead of a Final Retail Release.

I am not giving up on this game, but it will need many patches.

The way it is now it is just Not Playable at all......:(