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18th Oct 2003, 16:05
First, what do you think of having missions in the day? You can't sneak as well, but it would certainly be nice to see everything more clearly for once.

Second, how will the game manage sunlight? Will the sun be in its own layer, moving across the sky, so it actually sets after a few hours? Will it be its own dynamic light source? If the sun sets, do the NPCs change in number and composition, especially in a city environment? Would anyone here actually wait for night to fall to complete a mission?

18th Oct 2003, 17:39
I think it is good for a change. But I also think that a daylight mission should be somewhat different from night time missions. For example, imagine some high profile super agents of a hostile party chasing you through town (or district). You running and jumping, from building to building, street to street, shooting away only to slow dows the the followers. And your goal it to survive untill the sun sets down and you're able to disappear in darkness. A daylight mission is great if made properly ...

19th Oct 2003, 01:54
If it's anything like DX1, we won't be staying in one location long enough for the sun to move very far, so I'm guessing it will be a stationary light source. The only games that need day-night cycles are big open games like Morrowind or Stalker.

There were a couple of screenshots released a while ago showing the same Cairo location, one during the day, one at night. Make of that what you will, but I'm guessing it means we visit the same location at different times, like Hell's Kitchen.

19th Oct 2003, 02:31
You can hide in the daylight. Just not in plain sight. I mean there are plenty of instances in Dues Ex 1 where JC Denton sneaks through illuminated areas. Another thing; "Shadows" are primarily a daytime phenomenon. There are no "Shadows" at night except those caused by artificial lighting.

Dr Strangelove
20th Oct 2003, 19:37
I remember thinking about DX1: it's been night for about 3 days now, still no sign of the sun

21st Oct 2003, 08:38
wasn't there already a thread about daylight missions?

21st Oct 2003, 14:35
There was. And it was a poll.

21st Oct 2003, 14:53

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