View Full Version : Download trailers!?

18th Oct 2003, 15:29
Sorry if this was alerady answered but when I try to download the trailers from official site, it asks me for password to access FTP.
Where do I register to get a password?

(sorry for my bad english ;))

18th Oct 2003, 18:17
Try to disable your firewall than relaunch your browser and the Eidos site and you shouldn't get that message :)

Or you can download them from TAFN


18th Oct 2003, 18:40
Nope! Firewall disabled and still "Authentication required" with username and password. Also says "max 250 users - try again later" for ftp://ftp.eidos.co.uk/pub/uk/commandos3/video/c3_sapper.zip

But thay link you gave me works ok. Thanks!:)