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18th Oct 2003, 06:45
ok i know i said i wan't gonna bother with it and all that, but when i saw it today i HAD to buy it, just on the fact that all the other commandos games where so good. well...

1st off, Pryo did NOTHING to fix the control issues, still awkard as hell and seem so forced and unnatural

its not really all that hard just the control frustrates the hell outta me, give me C2's control scheme and this game would be a 95% easly! i could be so good but yet it screws you, but you can see the potential. its like pryo is teasing me.

and in the 2nd training mission what the hell are the objectives? i mean i get the spy into the embasy, and either knock out or kill every one and still nothing

ohh well, i've got my fingers crossed that pryo gives a patch that fixes the control, either make C2 like hotkeys or then make the hotkeys editable (another feature that C2 had over this!)

C2 kills C3 (and i was loving C2 from the first min i played it, so i doubt this will grow on me)

Thing 2
18th Oct 2003, 10:06
"It could be so good but yet it screws you, but you can see the potential. its like pryo is teasing me. "

My friend you took the words out of my mouth....and the objective is to steal documents out of a safe on the top floor....probably should have listened to the guy training you, but it's ok I tend to skip training info too as I'm a veteran gamer...would rather just figure stuff out :)

18th Oct 2003, 22:16
yeah i never followed the step by step walk thru for the 2nd training mission so i didn't know what to do with the documents, but i did it now.

and after spending more time with the game i hate the control scheme even more, which is a shame because unde rthe horrid controls looks to be a great game.

21st Oct 2003, 17:07
Yep the briefings are lousy. I'm still farrting arounf Berlin 'kill the traitor' since it shows nothing but the bad map as to where the guy is going. Never shows the guy or the building as in C2. It's just trial and error till you get there. ANd this id BS with the spy that every other soldier can pick out.