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18th Oct 2003, 06:32
I am calling on the moderators in this forum to do something about "Wienerman:
All of his of his post are abusive to others..
For reasons that are not clear to me, since I am not a shrink. The fact is that people are posting threads to voice their opinions/questions/advice/and so on. And that a forum is supposed to be a free flowing field where gamers are not being subjected to insults and put downs after they post.
It seems to me that @m and Xcom have been too lenient so far, and that something has to be done to address this issue before it degenerates...
Thank you.....

18th Oct 2003, 10:46
Your concern is noted and appreciated.
However, in the future, would you please use "Report post to moderator" feature or PM. Thanks.