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18th Oct 2003, 04:07
My choices:

Radeon 9600 128mb,
Geforce FX 5600 128mb

Radeon 9500 128mb,
Radeon 9600 pro 128mb,
Geforce Fx 5600 ultra 128mb,

Well, im 15 and dont have a job, so the $20 difference means 2 weeks to me.

Is there significant difference between the first group and the second? Any of these cards could most likely run DX:IW with decent effects at 1024x768, correct?

Which group should I pick from, or more specifically, which card?

18th Oct 2003, 06:34
I can't really give you an authoritative answer, but my advice is that, if you're buying a card for DX:IW, wait until it's closer to release. In two months, all those cards may well be much cheaper. We also don't know DX:IW's required and recommended specs, so we'd only be guessing at this stage.

My feeling is that $20 difference is probably worth it, though, as the game looks pretty graphically intensive. The Radeons seem to have the edge on Nvidia at the moment, so I'd look into the 9500 or 9600 Pro.

18th Oct 2003, 15:38
ok, thanks for the help.
i guess i have a little more confidence in radeon anyways for some reason (just heard bad things about the fx series), and also, i wont be buying the card for probably a month. I'm about to upgrade my computer, and i kinda need to first since this comp has no agp slot :)

I will have a amd athlon 2500 overclocked to 3200, so
cpu-2.25ghz amd athlon 400mhz fsb
512mb ddr pc3200 ram-corsair
radeon 9600 pro or 9500

hmm... thats sounding good :)
especially up from my 1.3mhz athlon, 133mhz fsb i think.

when i first heard of dx:iw i was scared i wouldnt be able to run it worth a crap, but now my fears are gone :D

God From Machine
18th Oct 2003, 21:05
I am not particularly familiar with any nvidia card as i have been an ATI man for years. However i can say for sure that the jump from a 9600 to a 9600pro is worth it. faster core clock, much faster memmory clock and a better fill rate.

If you are only going to be getting the card to play games that are not out yet i would agree that you should wait, the 9600pro has been discontinued for the XT which is almost as improved over the the pro as the pro was over the non pro. As far as the 9500 goes they were replaced by the 9600 a while back, they are actuially a better card in terms of performance but you would not be very likely to find one anywhere, ati does not make them at all anymore and in terms of support you would be best to get a 9600 serries, if your 9500pro is damaged or flawed you're in trouble as you're not going to be able to have ati replace it.

If i were you i would wait till you get your new pc and get a 9600xt or 9600pro. The 9600xt is being released at very close to the price of the 9600pro and the xt comes with HL2(well a coupon for a free copy of hl2 when it is released) and by christmas it should not be all that damaging to your wallet. Also, having noticed you have(or will have) your amd overclocked, the XT has some pretty cool over clocking features that let you over clock it to the "fastest speed that still gives you cool conditoins" this overclocking stuff is built in and DOES NOT void the warranty at all.

As far as nvidia goes i would stick with ati, but being canadian i'm a bit bias:D.

However if saving money is supper important, the 9600pro is a very good card and will surely run any game for a while at or close to max settings. of course if money is no issue get the 9800xt, but that would be about 3 times as much :D

19th Oct 2003, 14:49
thanks for the great info!

I'm not going to buy the card until i upgrade and sell my current one, so by then i guess i can compare pro and xt prices. I'll have to go without a card at all for a few days though :'(

The good news for me is my current card, the geforce fx 5200 pci,
is selling for almost $100 on ebay, because its the best pci card. HP screwed me by not giving me an agp slot