View Full Version : Any idea what the small numbers on the enemy uniforms are for?

17th Oct 2003, 18:18
I can't find any information on how this works. The enemy uniforms have two different numbers associated with them and you can also click and drag the entire uniform, or if you just click on the small red shirt icon on the uniform you can drag just that. Any idea why this works this way and what the purpose is? I've noticed that once a commando has a uniform in their inventory, if you then take the uniform from another enemy soldier and put in on top of the one you already have, that the quantity number in the lower left corner will increase, but so will this other number in the lower right corner. Any one know what these numbers mean? It seems like the number in the lower right corner will count down slowly anytime a commando other then the spy is wearing the uniform. Does this mean the enemy uniform will disappear once the number counts down to zero?