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17th Oct 2003, 12:39
Deus Ex Forum Folk:

I'm pleased to announce that long-time Deus Ex specialist Random has graciously agreed to serve as moderator for these forums.

Please join me in extending him a warm welcome and best wishes as he assumes his new duties.

http://www1.iastate.edu/~wsthune/cps/tab/tabwave.gif Catman

17th Oct 2003, 13:02
Congrats dude :D

17th Oct 2003, 14:06
Welcome, Random.


17th Oct 2003, 14:33
Thanks for the welcome, everyone. :D

I'm not expecting to have to do much, since DX forums have been pretty mature places in my experience. Being a mod just gives me a legitimate reason to be such a fanatic. ;)

17th Oct 2003, 15:41
Congrats, random, nice to see a new person get raised to the mighty status of admin.

Grey Mouser
17th Oct 2003, 16:15
Welcome aboard, Agent!


17th Oct 2003, 22:13
Will HE have my children?

19th Oct 2003, 21:27
It's like Batman and Robin, Watson and Crick, Tom and Jerry...well, the first two at least. I can see the need for two moderators as the release date for DX2 approaches - everyone will be getting a little antsy, and fights will start breaking out over box art and HUDs. Wait...(checks threads)...never mind, that's already happened....

20th Oct 2003, 06:13
Originally posted by cball05
It's like Batman and Robin
Why not JC and Alex.
Oh and congrats Random.

20th Oct 2003, 08:39
starsky and hutch?
gunther and Anna?

hmmm never mind

Frost Giant
20th Oct 2003, 12:16
I believe what everyone is trying to say is welcome Random, and we will yield to your authority with the same respect we have given Catman. "Our little family keeps getting bigger and bigger."

20th Oct 2003, 13:51
Thanks again for the welcomes. :cool:

20th Oct 2003, 15:09
Originally posted by Random
Thanks again for the welcomes. :cool:

you're welcome (apparently in both senses)

20th Oct 2003, 19:45
Haha Random, I like your status as "biomoderator" - nice inside joke for us DX2ers

20th Oct 2003, 23:15
Yah, it was gonna just be 'Biomod', but we need 'moderator' in there somewhere. :D

21st Oct 2003, 09:14
LOL, welcome!

25th Oct 2003, 02:51
um Random :D

secretive SOB.

Took alot of work to come over here and bust yer chops.

Congrats man :D

25th Oct 2003, 07:03
Was this a random appointment? :D

25th Oct 2003, 08:24
Catman and random are collaberating on some evil scheme :D

I fear lur is under threat :D

25th Oct 2003, 10:58
Nice to Pars's first post in the 16 months he's been registered. :D Hi to the familiar faces. :cool:

25th Oct 2003, 13:47


25th Oct 2003, 19:57
A slightly belated congrats!!! from me, as well.

Way to go, Random! :D

25th Oct 2003, 21:07
All of us showing up over here is Randoms worst nightmare.


25th Oct 2003, 23:32
its like random chilling with the geeks and he sees the gang of bullies approach :D

25th Oct 2003, 23:44
Um, I didn't consider myself a bully. More like a mentor :D

25th Oct 2003, 23:49
Originally posted by Darkhelm
Um, I didn't consider myself a bully. More like a mentor :D

he wasn't talking about you DH :D


25th Oct 2003, 23:52
it was just an analogy ffs :D

31st Oct 2003, 12:22
Hey Random!
So far your provided us with so much info regarding DX, so thanks! I'm so excited about this game. I just read a few more reveiws and saw a few more screen shots. I'm gonna have to end up spending several hundred on upgrading my computer, but I don't care!

How do you rate your chances of taking home the World Cup this year?


31st Oct 2003, 13:17
Originally posted by EonApocalypse
How do you rate your chances of taking home the World Cup this year?

Rugby isn't too big in South Australia. ;) From what I know we don't have a huge chance, but you never know. We did beat Namibia 142-0, for whatever that's worth. ;)

[SYN] Nexus
31st Oct 2003, 14:52
Congrats buddy, sorry Im a bit late ;)

The Grimpond
1st Nov 2003, 06:39
why is this an (important) thread? who is catmanisneverthere.

P.S. I Would welcome you but im rather new:)

1st Nov 2003, 10:19
Wecome aboard sir !

An aussie moderator on the Deus Ex Invisible War Forum???

It's like heaven :) now I have someone to get important info about aus release dates and the like from :)

1st Nov 2003, 12:37
Unfortunately I don't get any inside information. ;) I am a fanboy, though, and I'm willing to go to great lengths for info. Great lengths ...

2nd Nov 2003, 01:44
I'm not too sure I want to know more about those "great lengths..." ;)


Amazon Warrior
2nd Nov 2003, 15:27
Good for you. Sorry this is late! I personally have much respect for anyone who can regularly deal with thread starters who begin by saying "I've got a GF MX2, will it run DX:IW given it needs DX9?" without appearing to want to run round screaming and tearing at their hair or anything else thats available...

Job's a good'un, as us limeys say! :D

2nd Nov 2003, 18:35
Congratulations Random :cool:

wow, my cookie is still active :eek:

3rd Nov 2003, 08:57
Originally posted by plussi

wow, my cookie is still active :eek:

woah :D