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17th Oct 2003, 08:31
right now i have a Geforce 2 ultra limited edition... and it could only be won. it is really fast for when i bought it back in 2001 aug it has a core speed of ~300-325(including overclock), and i can play unreal 2003 no problem at high settings no aa though. i dont think that my card has pixel shaders but then when i run 3d mark 2001 it can do that horse statue thing and gives me a result... is this card good enough for deus ex IW... or do i need a more powerful vid card... plus if i do get a new vid card i can get a 5600 for 150 canadian... or should i buy the 9600xt for twice that ~300 canadian... hmmm.... maybe the det 50 drivers will be alot better at pixel shading than the 4x.xx drivers... i no that 9600 owns 5600 but still i can get it for 150 canadian and it is 256mb ram version(i no the ram aint that important), on the other hand it is rev 1 and only has core speed of 350Mhz!!! wtf to do on a limited budget? then again i have only 4x agp main board and 1.4 amd k7, and 512 ram ddr. so the bottle neck may be the cpu and the main board anyway... what should i do with a max of 300 canadian to spend... ~$200us.:confused:

17th Oct 2003, 10:05
Current word is that a GeForce 2 is not good enough. DX:IW needs a DirectX 8 level video card, and a GF2 is below that. A Geforce 3 or better is required.

There have been some unfavourable reports about the FX 5600; personally, I'd go with the 9600XT. In fact, I probably will go for that in a couple of months. ;)

17th Oct 2003, 13:10
Are you buying right now, or in a month or two? If it's right now, I would say get the Radeon, though you can get a 9600 Pro for a bit less now than the 9600XT costs. If it's in a month or two, wait and see. The new 50 series detonators should be publicly released by that point, so you can see what performance increases they have accomplished before you buy.

17th Oct 2003, 18:08

17th Oct 2003, 22:11
if you can find a 9500 pro get it, if you can find a used 9700 PRo get it... They often have them on Newegg.com's refirb section.

Oh yeah, a GeforceFX 5700 should be coming out soon... and that card is reported to be the same price as the 9600Pro/XT only much better