View Full Version : Why No Hotkey?

17th Oct 2003, 03:03
Game may be good , but control is very very bad.
Without Hotkeys ( don't tell me those weapon cycling, exit car are hotkeys) , cannot control smoothly.

This series is more diffcult (that's not a problem) , but the control even doubles the diffculty.

In first mission of stangiard to first kill sniper , I may run to the suitable position, during running i can already target sniper and then kill him when the sniper reach position and simply press hotkey and click.

But now i have to run to position , click the weapon bar,
search the sniper rifle and use some time to search the target .

:mad: :mad: :mad:

18th Oct 2003, 05:41
yup pyro really dropped the ball there

they said they want to make the game play more action orentied, but they make the control scheme clumbsy, makes no sense to me.