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17th Oct 2003, 00:19
Holy crap, this mission is f00king hard.

I might be a n00b to the Commandos genre but I can't believe the difficulty of this mission - it seems I have to tend to agree with PCGamer and IGN on this one, tough is tough and although it brings you back for more all the time is certaintly gets to the point of pissing you the hell off every few minutes.

I mean - first of all - I have to fight through at least 6 dozen nazis only to be told that now I have to go to the source of these nazis to get out of there, and therefore fighting through another 50 or so nazis. Now, thats the hard part - I just can't for the love of god do it, they are covering every entrance, each others back, all points of entry. Being a veteran RTS and FPS'er I would've thought the addition of Commandos 3 to my gaming life would've been easy but it has proved extremely tough and UN-n00b-friendly and I want you to tell me, and everyone else in the same position as me tips for getting through this already difficult stage in the game.

17th Oct 2003, 06:19
Tip: Guns are useless in htis scenario, don't even think about using them.

Tip: You would get more russians soldiers for defense if you finished off the sniper quickly. They aren't useful, but they can defend a little bit, which saves you ammo. (A lot, because they have unlimited ammo, and you have to conserve ammo).

Tip: Grenades are useful, however, you need to keep your usesage in check. If it's not more than one soldier coming towards you, don't use it.

Tip: Use the Sniper for one-shot kills. Don't use him for multiple kills.

Tip: Molotov Cocktails have a limited usage, but still a great weapon to use. Alternate between this and the grenades.

Tip: If a group is moving, I would use grenades, if not moving, molotov cocktails.

Tip: Put the sniper on the closest pole. Don't worry, he won't fall off, because there isn't a stamina bar.

Tip: There's a one sniper that comes towards your group, if he doesn't see you, he'll go right to the soldiers, and if you lucky, the russian soldiers will kill him for you, allowing you valuable sniper ammo.

Tip: Have a quick finger, and use a combo of hotkeys and clicks.

That's all for now.

17th Oct 2003, 23:56
Your not alone dude... I keep trying to beat the mission but the reinforcements just keep comming... WTF!!!

18th Oct 2003, 02:30
My tips are... Timing, Luck and saving mainly..!!

1)OK take Sgt O'Hara down the WEST side of the wall, (outer wall)

2)Get him behind the building with the arch in it. you'll see a german officer run up, once he runs up and joins the group (3 other soldiers) then make Sgt Ohara walk closer to them, select grenade and with 1 good pop they are all dead. Run up and loot the crate to restock your grenades.

This happens about 3 times and on one occasion you suck in the other soldiers in tan uniform so lay down and blow them up too.

If it gets a little heavy you can always use your sniper and sapper to pop a few off by using the auto fire and placing them at the side of the fountain for when they appear(loot some good rifles first though)

Once most of them seem to be taken care of get your sniper to crawl through the pipes(fallen down chimneys) and then pop a bullet in the bridge guards heads,

Once that is clear then loot up lots of rifles and ammo, make sure you have looted all the crates on the north side of the bridge then position your men with rifles on auto fire aiming across the bridge. Good time to plant some anti Personel Mines too.

Then move about 1/4 the way up the bridge(always crawling) then just watch your guys pop off anyone who gets near you.

*remember to loot up ammo and rifles as often as possible

18th Oct 2003, 04:45
Tough, tough, tough. I have made it through to where I have gotten either the sniper rifle, remote bombs, or the spy uniform. The problem I am having is that I click for the timer to go off after getting myself into position for what the game asks for, but the traitor does not come out. If anyone has made it to this spot, can you let me know what I am doing wrong?:confused:

Thing 2
18th Oct 2003, 09:58
Good God (excuse the language)

This mission is incredibly ANNOYING...challenging I enjoy, especially in a strategic game, but this is something far worse....this is....well it's an attempt at an action game with an interface that's made for a STRATEGY games and it's mind-numbingnly annoying (aka: Difficult).

I got through about 4-5 waves of nazis...and that darn artillary gun, with all of my commandos at pretty much no health...I had no ammo for the most part....my sniper was dry....sapper dry....me incredibly pissed off...and they KEPT FREAKIN' COMING....

Come on fellas' it's the 2nd level, "difficulty" like this isn't supposed to come until at least the 5th or 6th, this is the kind of stuff that will get the game poor reviews simply because a reviewer will just get pissed and put it down before giving it time...heck...he didn't have to pay for it....

Since I did, after some rest...I'll go at it again....but I just spent a frustrating 2 hours plus going at it and I'm flustered.....

I loved commandos 1 and 2....I think people told them that 2 was a bit on the easy side and they tried to overcompensate by making this one as DIFFICULT as WHO KNOWS WHAT!!! Noooo fellas' find a medium...a medium :rolleyes:

Ok I'm done ranting....I really would have loved the level if it wasn't trying to be an "action" level...I want to plan....not fight off wave after wave of nazis with strategy controls...I can do wave after wave if you were to put me down into the guy ala FPS....but this is commandos....you usually dont get wave after wave until you screw up :D but even that's easier to get out of then this....yeesh....

Forum Guest
19th Oct 2003, 18:43
If you take everything you can from the three boxes (not quite sure if there are exactly three) its not too hard.
If theres a group of them, use a grenade of molotov cocktail, if they're covering each other or a place you have to be try a distraction (ie. cigarettes, decoy, then shoot them when they walk past you to get to the distraction).
Get two of your guys to stay back and cover the dorrs to the place, then get one guy to find the boxes and get guns for the first part. For the plane part, just take them one at a time(snipers good for this part), and theyre not too hard

21st Oct 2003, 17:09
Originally posted by Ataxonu
Your not alone dude... I keep trying to beat the mission but the reinforcements just keep comming... WTF!!!

i'm in, dude.

21st Oct 2003, 17:12
Dude can that anti tank cannon be used for anything ;) Or its just there for show :D

21st Oct 2003, 17:15
they r used to blow u up :D

21st Oct 2003, 17:37
They didnt get that far , i killed one of the soldiers pushing it. So i cant use it ?

21st Oct 2003, 19:53
i guess not. at least i couldnt use it.

after a few tries i finally passed this misson.

i only used the green beret and the sapper at first so that you could use the sniper to kill the enemies after crossing the bridge.
the generades are enough but make sure u kill all 4 Nazis everytime u use.

21st Oct 2003, 20:40
it can be used, select it with 1, then press control and u can fire. make sure u dont get it stuck on the bridge :D btw im done with the mission ;)

22nd Oct 2003, 03:37
Remember, reinforcements do come - but there will only be around 5 squads of reinforcements. After that the cut-scene of your General's escape will appear, and the nazis will roll in an AT cannon. Anybody try to mount it? I blew it with a granade - by pure accident of course. ;)