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16th Oct 2003, 23:19
does anyone out there know how to beat this sniper? I've tried everything i could think of, including using the russians running out of the house as a sort of rabbit to draw his fire... problem is my sniper doesn't draw his weapon fast enough and i die... any clues or thoughts on how to beat this mission?

17th Oct 2003, 05:56
this is retarded..jsut like every other level in this game, basically you have to figure out what the sniper's scripted actions are by restarting over and over...

heres what you do:there are two exits into the fountain area from where you start, walk down to the entrance thats farthest away from the big building with all the allied sodliers in it, on the default view its the southern entrance...dont pass thru the entrance otherwise you will be shot immediately, just get near the edge...this will cause the enemy sniper to (for no reason at all) wlk to the other corner, so now he can cover both entrances. run into the building, go upstairs, save. theres one window facing the fountain that the sniper cant see, its in the corner although figuring out wchich the right one is is kinda tough,s you might have to reload a few times, but eventually youll stick your head out a window and wont get shot. then just line him up ans shoot him. end of mission. go onto mission 2, realize its the hardest most pointlessly frustrating game ever made and return it to the store where you bought it from.

17th Oct 2003, 14:08
i'm pretty sure i did look out the corner window... he wasn't able to shoot me, but in return- i wasn't able to shoot him either...

you're right though this game is extremely difficult, but i love the series and will stick this one through...

Thing 2
18th Oct 2003, 10:13
The first thing you said was mean and uneccesary but this.....

"2, realize its the hardest most pointlessly frustrating game ever made and return it to the store where you bought it from."

Funny...only because it's true...good god that's a hard level.... :(

However I have 3 days before it's "mine" so I'll give it more of a whirl....hopefully it'll get easier....slightly...as the missions progress (boy that'd be backwards)....

Forum Guest
19th Oct 2003, 01:50
Might not be the best way of dealing with it, but if you time it right, and lay down, you can go around the fountain, and across to the building, and shoot the sniper twice with a rifle when he comes around the corner. Basically, you have to know where he goes, and when he goes there, and be there waiting for him when he gets there.
This is one of the missions where you have to abuse the save option, saving at least once a minute, and loading after you something wrong.

19th Oct 2003, 08:57
I just crawled out into the fountain area, picked off a few Germans and the sniper came running right up to the gate. I shot him, mission over. Took less than a minute.

21st Oct 2003, 00:34
I took out all the germans at and near the farther gate. At this poing the sniper had already moved up so he can cover both areas. Then I crawled from the farther point to the fauntain. Although he saw me and started aiming, I was out of his aim before he could fire (I tried this a number of times, so it wasn't luck). As I got the fauntain, russian came running out of the building. While he is busy taking them out, quickly get up and shoot him.

21st Oct 2003, 11:42
Pretty tough mission but I finally finished it.

Starting from the default view I initially headed to the opening in the gate that lies to the left of the screen. I peeked out and was able to pick off a couple of guys (3). I was then able to crawl to the fountain without being seen. Eventually a couple of soldiers came from the top of the screen and they were easy enough to hit as well. I then headed to the top potion of the screen (you can go through the arch but I ended up going all the way around the building counter clockwise). Two more soldiers were in the back area and they were easy enough to kill. Search the bodies and the crate here and pick up some ammo. You can then crawl back towards the fountain and selectively hit the remaining soldiers, but keep an eye open for patrols (if an enemy approaches you can use the machine gun that you lifted from the previous soldiers).

At this point the sniper was positioned on the opposite side of the church (I think it is a church) so I positioned myself at the opposite side of the building an waited for him to run across the courtyard. He eventually adjusted his position after I took out another enemy so that he was now positioned on the wall of the church closest to the fountain looking towards the gate entrance (the one that would be to the right of your sniper at the beginning of the mission). As I was behind the church (side with the main door) I was able to come around the corner undetected and line him up.

It took me many tries to get this but in the end I am having a blast with the game. Patience seemes to be the key.


21st Oct 2003, 17:05
i was stuck too.
but after some tries. i went to the upstair of the building which the comrade went into. and shoot the sniper from the window.
and it worked. but it took me 1 n half hours to find out this.

22nd Oct 2003, 00:10
to see my thread ' u can kill the enemy sniper in 30 seconds'