View Full Version : Game crashes to desktop. Need help :(

16th Oct 2003, 22:34
Hi had Xp before installed Commandos 2 played a bit quicksaved quite often like you usually do right? anyways after a few quickloads the game crashes to desktop with no error message, i run the game try to load the savegame same thing happens..
I start a new game and play for like 15mins and i die and quickload game crashes to desktop again..

so i thought its prob cause of Xp, so i formatted installed win98 se same problem there and then i saw the commandos 3 demo so i uninstalled commandos 2 and played the demo same error there i was soo close to going crazy lol :( does ANYONE have the same problem? do anyone have a solution to this? please i'd be soo grateful if someone could help..
Am using a 2.2ghz intel celeron, 256mb ram, Geforce2 latest drivers, latest audio drivers, Direct X 9.0b if theres anymore information you need to know just ask!! :p

16th Oct 2003, 22:45
did you installed patch for the game?

16th Oct 2003, 22:49
Yea i did, same problem :(

17th Oct 2003, 10:55
your comp sound almost identical to mine and i have no problems.

Do you have loads of other applications running at the same time?

If not i cant think why this is happening to you

17th Oct 2003, 13:26
Had norton antivirus running and msn in the background at first but then i closed em both down and tried it and still had the same problem :(

17th Oct 2003, 13:38
Sorry dont know what else it could be then.

If you havent already buy commandos 1 (Behind enemy Lines and Beyond the Call of Duty). You can get both for about £5-10 and its better than c2 anyway.

17th Oct 2003, 13:44
*sniffles* but i want commandos 2&3 to work :P but thanks for trying :)