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16th Oct 2003, 20:07
So do you have good or bad dreams of tr/Lara I had one last night that totally freaked me out. In the dream Lara was having a party and she was eliminating people through a certain method, one was if she liked the people and the other reason didn't come into the dream, well anyhow me being her best friend we stayed at the manor so she could to better herself with some of the folks that where there and she had decided to get rid off more folk. Outside Croft Manor was the seaside? I know it's a dream and there was a boat to take the ones that were eliminated back to main land. First a few guys where told to leave then I was as I walked off in shock I heard Lara told the people who were going to stay that it was going to be a party of a lifetime. I was sincerely hurt and angry and eventually I remeber driving the boat we where in and trying to run Lara over. Folks on the boat were saying no, she over there kept missing her but I had intentions to kill her. She broke my heart as a friend and I was totally devastated.

I think that's one of the reasons why Lara is not real because we all would like to think if she was real she would like us. And if she didn't it would hurt. 90% of my TR dreams are good those this was just a rare bad one. What would be your reaction if you were in this dream or a simlar type and Lara was mean to you? How would you cope?

17th Oct 2003, 13:10
Man, that's not a dream, that's a nightmare if i ever heard one. Do you think your subconscious is trying to tell you something like "no matter how hard i try i can't kill Lara". I remember a dream i had long ago where i was running everywhere trying to stop Lara from falling. But i couldn't no matter what i did she always fell and just like the game always reappeared none the worse........fustrating.

18th Oct 2003, 20:35
Interesting. I haven ever had a dream like those. I seldom dream of Lara, unfortunately. I usually have dreams of male video game characters.;)

One Lara dream I remember was one where I was Lara's sidekick, and we were in the Tibet levels in TR2.

18th Oct 2003, 21:13
Sometimes the mind tries to alert us to, or detach us from certain information, and does so in the only way it can.

If you had to describe to some one else, about the previous week's events, but you only had the images from a magazine or newspaper to achieve it, they would be totally oblivious to what you were trying to say even though it made perfect sense to you. This is why dreams appear to make sense when you're dreaming them, but confuse you when you awake.

If you could focus on your breathing as well as you can on Tomb Raider my friend, enligtenment would be yours to discover... :D

19th Oct 2003, 14:21
hat would be your reaction if you were in this dream or a simlar type and Lara was mean to you? How would you cope?
Well, hopefully I could cope and not resort to homicide :)

21st Oct 2003, 23:35
I've never had a Tomb Riader related dream.
I have, on the other hand, dreamed about zombies, the city of harlots,
swallowing shards of glass, kite flying bears, and the Green Lantern Power Ring.

Blind Intentions
23rd Oct 2003, 11:54
I had a nightmare about Tomb Raider when the very first game came out. In my dream I was stuck in the first level and I had to jump over a gap. I knew there was a bear down below so I had to be careful. I took a step back and ran to the edge and leaped.... Only to have the bear jump 12 feet in the air and maul me anyway. I never win :(