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16th Oct 2003, 08:41
Hellos to all

I, like hundreds of others, are waiting to hear reviews of the actual games from people whose opinion counts in this case, people who are die hard commando fans. Whoever bought the game already please enlighten the many of us who are waiting to hear you speak your praises or your *****ing.

16th Oct 2003, 15:04
no one seems to bought it so far.
but IGN have c3 Review giving score of 8.9

16th Oct 2003, 15:34
Originally posted by David
IGN have c3 Review giving score of 8.9


..another brilliant reviewer by the name of Steve Butts.

The missions in Commandos 3 are every bit as hard as they were in the previous titles and this raises a key question for gamers: what's the difference between challenge and difficulty?

Indeed it does, but not because of what he thinks.

With this being the first multiplayer outing for the series...

Eh? And C2 didn't have multiplayer?

It's easy to hate Commandos 3 purely on the basis of the difficulty level.

I will cry now.

I kept wondering why so many folks keep saying that the game is difficult (especially in regard to C2).. and then I realised something. Perhaps the game IS difficult.. and it's just that I am very good. :D Oh well...at least score is good.

16th Oct 2003, 15:39
Only thing I don't like about the review is that fins is only participating in one mission and that there are only 12 missions :(

They started with 24 missions.

16th Oct 2003, 15:45
Originally posted by @m
Only thing I don't like about the review is that fins is only participating in one mission and that there are only 12 missions :(

They started with 24 missions.

Well, that is not really review's fault.. :) (assuming Butts is telling the truth of course :D )

17th Oct 2003, 10:53
i dont get why lots of reviews said c2 was difficult either.

Some missions on CBEL and CBTCOD were quiet hard but in c2 the enemys were all spaced out so you could take them out easy. (i remember in C1 to just kill one guard you sometimes had to time your movements exactly to kill him and hide the body before you were seen). - also i think allowing all commandos to take nazis machine guns and rifles in c2 (and c3) made the game pretty effortless (but still fun).

I just hope they have implemented real dificulty levels like adding more nazis rather than just shortening the range of weapons like they did in c2 which didnt make it much harder at all.

18th Oct 2003, 02:51
Well, after playing the full version myself, here's what I concluded.

Things that are good:

The graphics and cutscenes are much more impressive. The scenery is beatiful and there's a good degree of depth perception. The weather effects are also much more impressive then in C2. There's also added mouse controls to change view in indoor locations, which I found very convinient. There are now maps for indoor locations (although I found this is not always to my advantage). I also found level rather diverse and interesting.

Things that are NOT good:

The difficulty is much harder then in C2, mainly because of the shortened weapons range. The rifle shot farther in C2, which made it easier to pick out any alerted enemies that are coming towards your position. The enemies are placed in such a way that it provides for a very difficult removal, making the game so much more like C1 where it took up to 10 loads at times to take out a single guard. You will find very few guards that are not watched by at least one other guard, and in many cases 2 or 3. I also found that guards see further the in C2 and will react much more quicker if they spot you. Unlike with C2, mistakes are generally far less "correctable" which results in loading. For example if one of your commandos dies, the mission is over. As many of you know, this was not the case in C2, where as long as at least one commando is alive, he could resurect the others. This made it very possible to complete an entire mission without a single load, which made it so much more fun. I can see this being a major turnoff for newbies who feel they are not grasping the game fast enough. The abilities of characters such as spy are also much more limiting due to a presence of large number of solders that can recognize him even in the far zone of view. I must note that being a hardcore veteran of Commandos series, I found certain missions in C3 way too difficult.

Many missions are also "alive" which means theres an advancing force, or a timeclock that you have to work against. This makes it particularly difficult to strategice due to time constraints. Most of the levels are also much smaller then in C2, leaving less room for exploration. Eidos also thought it would be better if only a small group of commandos appear at a time, vs a large arsenal like you had in C2.

Perhaps the most dissapointing aspect of the game is the changed interface. For some reason Eidos thought it was a good idea to replace the full set of shortcut keys found in C1 and C2 with a more of a "GUI" interface. In C3, certain abilities of commandos can only be accessed with a mouse, and things like weapons must be cycled in order to find the one you want. This makes performing certain time critical opperations next to impossible, and limits your ability to react when something went wrong. For example as I see 4 advancing solders, I have to keep pressing Q while looking down in the NAV to see which weapon I currently have selected. Eidos also got rid of SHIFT+click = action with simple click=action interface. This causes certain problems when trying to align your commandos near interactable objects. It also produces accidents such as you wanting to walk to a door while the end result being the commando walking THROUGH the door.

To sum up, I think there are some major problems with the game and not enough thought was given to its development. I feel that Eidos took a step backwards from C2, and made the game as difficult as C1BTCOD with improved graphics. I personally would have been much more pleased if they didn't improve anything and simply released C3 as more of a mission pack for C2.

Rating: 6.5/10

18th Oct 2003, 03:09
after playing the full version myself
maybe i just climbed out from under a rock but hasn't the game only been out 2 days? you spend $50 bucks for 2 medicore (6.5/10) days? :D i haven't even gotten to the gas station yet to put gas in my car to get to the game store to buy it....oh well

18th Oct 2003, 08:51
i havent got the game yet but i think increased dificulty is definiantly a good thing - i loved finally managing to pick of a guard that was watched by 4 or 5 others.
- towards the end of c2 i found the game kind of tedious as the levels didnt get harder, only larger. - C3 sounds as though its solved this.

Im not so sure about the time clock (as appose to the "attack" button you had in c2) as I quiet like taking my time.

Is this out in Europe yet?