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16th Oct 2003, 04:49
I've heard great things about this game. I loved FPS like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark so does this game compare? Does it compare to other FPS on the PS2 like red faction? How is the multiplayer mode and aiming system in this game? Thanks for any answers!

16th Oct 2003, 11:33
Originally posted by Ambush347
I've heard great things about this game....... so does this game compare? Certainly does, TS2 is as good as the other games you mentioned. Multiplayer is limitless and the aiming mode is defaultly no cursour, but you can hold the aim button to bring it up. Aiming settings can be changed in your Prefernces if ya need to.

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16th Oct 2003, 18:57
TS2 is the best console split-screen multiplayer FPS ... hands down. The moving aiming reticle takes some getting used-to for some people, but the speed, framerate and bots more than make up for any shortcomings.

The only downside (imo) is the story mode. It's not terrible, but frankly I had more fun with the arcade challenges than with story mode. The lack of mission time related bonuses (like we had in GE and PD) is a downer for me. Once again though, TS2 has something to make up for that shortcoming ... the mapmaker. Very cool if you get into it.

18th Oct 2003, 06:16
All right today me and a buddy stopped off at our local video game shop so that I could try out both red faction 2 and TS2(we only tried them over there, I don't know why but I hate actually renting a game I'm already considering buying I find it ruins the experience). Needless to say we took an hour each with both games. The first game we tried out was RF2. I found the menus were clean and most of the time easy to move aroung in. I selected story and it began pretty quickly although I didn't really understand what was going on at first. It took me a good 10 minutes to even feel real comfortable with the controls and me and my friend kept taking turns. The graphics were really nice but everything had a dark feel to it. Anyway once we kinda had the hang of the gameplay we quit story which didn't particularly impress me although I didn't give it enough time. We set up a Multiplayer game and I realized with 2 players you can only put in 4 bots which didn't bother me but in Perfect Dark for exmaple you could put in a lot more so wtvr. I noticed there were tons of different maps so we just randomly chose one. It was a free for all and I guess since I wasn't used to everything yet it felt a little sloppy. In a sense I could have been playing Unreal Tournament or something because it felt very similar. The MP was pretty fun although we didn't know what we were doing most of the time. I also found like many of the guns felt the same to me. Anyways with our hour up I think I had gotten at least a bit of a feel for RF2.

Next the employee there pops in TS2 into the PS2 and doesn't stop giving it praise. He keeps telling us about the options and how many things there are to do in the game which always keeps you busy. The game boots up and we're given an option to select the # of players. Initially I selected 1 player because I wanted us to get used to the game before going on to 2 players. The first thing that caught me was that I really liked the menu music. After fooling aroung and checking different options and such we started a single player game. The intro was way cool and the graphics were really good not super realistic but enough to tell you that this is a video game that looks good! We read the mission briefing and then we started the first level. I really liked this level it brought back a whole lot of nostalgia from goldeneye. Graphics were nice and weapons were cool too. Too bad they don't have reload animations cuz it doesn't feel right when I reload. Anyway one thing I noticed right away was that the gameplay felt a lot easier and smoother than in RF2. I'm pleased to say I found the aiming system really easy after hearing how frustrating it was. Since I was playing in easy mode we pretty much breezed through this level although we couldn't figure out how too finish it(that container thing). BTW what's the glitch ppl are talking about in co-op in this level? So we quit this and set up a MP game. Man are there tons of options. We didn't have much time left so me and my friend just played each other and had a blast. It was more like goldeneye style MP and not like UT.I thought the weapons were really col too.

Anyway our time ran out but I now have a much better idea about both these games. Although I haven't played them enough I think I'll prolly end up getting TS2 just because of the way works so well together. LOL while we were playing lots of ppl were walking by asking us what games they were and comments on how cool they look. If I do get it it will be at the end of next week tho. BTW also curious to know how many units RF2 and TS2 have sold so far on PS2? Well those are my thoughts.

24th Oct 2003, 05:15
Hell yeah I'll be getting the game tomorrow!

24th Oct 2003, 18:45
Dont think, buy. You most certainly will not regret it. In my opinion it surpasses goldeneye and perfect dark.

24th Oct 2003, 22:25
Well today I went to my local EB store and came home with a copy of Timesplitters 2. Better than GE and PD? I can't play it until tonight but when I do I hope its gonna rule...tomorrow I'll prolly invite some buddies over for MP too. I'll post my impressions about the game tomorrow as well.