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16th Oct 2003, 02:03
i rented this game (rocks, by the way) and i have a few ?'s.

i keep getting beat by a triple slam move by the comp. but i cant figure out how to do it myself.

also sometimes the fighters wills flash during a move. is this for a counter? if so what button do i press for a counter.

please help cause i'm getting kind of frustrated.


16th Oct 2003, 06:32
ok on the first question

The tripple slam move you keep getting hit by is (most likely) a finisher..... in order to do that move get the opponent to about 1/4 of their total health(you status area should blink when you can do a finisher).... go to grapple with em/grab em...... and press both of the attack buttons (punch and kick) the finisher is unblockable and does quite a bit of damage.....

and now for the next one

yes when you flash is it the time to counter.... if you attempt to do a grapple move yourself while flashing (any direction and punch or kick or throw) you will reverse their move and do the one you just attempted

hope ya enjoy the game and hope it helps.......

maybe knowing all this will inspire you to buy this kick ass game because being able to just pop it in when a friend shows up is alot easier then runnin to tha rental spot and hoping no one else got it

Dingo Tha Hatchet Dawg