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15th Oct 2003, 21:11
It has always been a joke between my freinds and me that I look alot like Laura Croft so for Halloween this year I am trying to find a realistic Tomb Raider costume. However this has ended up being a harder task then I expected....can anyone help me out??
Thanks ;)

16th Oct 2003, 00:18
whos laura croft? :p hehe

well i don't think you'll find a Lara Croft costume. but what i would do is just maybe buy a cheap pair of tan shorts [or w/e color]. for the boots try going to WalMart and finding a pair, unless you want to spend 200 + dollars on some New Rock boots :p for her top, im sure you can find a black tank, or a greenish colored baithing suit anywhere.

you can take a look at the holsters here (http://webhome.idirect.com/~tk421/laracroft.htm) ... or you could just make them from scratch :p

for her guns, you can get them cheap here (http://www.shortyusa.com)

i hope that helped!

16th Oct 2003, 03:01
Thank you! That helped alot!!! Anyone else have any suggestions? :)

Leigh Croft
18th Oct 2003, 21:22
Try checkin out this (http://www.raiderquest.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=5&start=0&sid=dda7a4865877da2aaa42dd147617b947)