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15th Oct 2003, 20:27
In Perfect Dark, one of the coolset and best features was you can assign jobs for your teammate bots. Protect me, protect flag etc... Simply hold A then cycle through to that menu with Z. It was so great, so easy to command a team. Why didn't they use this excellent feature in TS2? I loved it and I miss it!

Captin Snow
15th Oct 2003, 21:11
If Perfect Dark was on the PS2 it would dominate TS2 to hell. PD was one of my favorite games of all time, just because the game had such innovative ideas. Such as the bot assigning, the laptop gun, farsight, all sorts of ****. Think of the capabilities of it being on the PS2! But those Nintendo *****es will probably make it ONLY for the game cube...

16th Oct 2003, 17:44
captin snow, you do know that Rare has gone third party, right? And that they're making Perfect Dark for the Xbox. Actually, theyre putting all their best games on Xbox. Nintendo lovers, we've lost CONKERS BAD FUR DAY!!!! NOOOOOOOOO:mad:

16th Oct 2003, 18:52
Chill out fellas!!
We don't want yet ANOTHER feud on this subject, do we?? ;)

16th Oct 2003, 20:03
When I heard that Microsoft bought out Rare, I thought that it was . I have an Xbox shirt that I crossed out with a big X.

Mod Edit: Language!! :mad:

Captin Snow
17th Oct 2003, 21:13
That's horrible, can't companies learn to share income between certain games? Well I wanted an xbox anyway, I want to get Halo.