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15th Oct 2003, 20:01
I found 2 glitches dunno if it has anything to do with my system, but

1.) In the Talk Show arena, playing as mad man pondo, i climbed to the top of the scaffolding thing, fixing to slam el chi, got reversed but instead of being thrown on the floor i was thrown behind the arena, i was in survival mode, on my 18th win... but had to quit to get back playing...

2.) Played as Evil Dead in exhibition mode, but instead of the normal threads, ED was invisible with letters and numbers showing his positon.

anyone else experienced that?

Lorren K
15th Oct 2003, 20:41
^^^^ WORD

i had the same problems, first time i put the game in i had a problem with Monoxide looking like a ghost with a bunch of letters on him.

also in the strip club with a CAW i got stuck inside the stairs after trying to pick up the girl i was fighting but i was able to get free

on the level with the hot tub and the stage i went to the top on the porch above the butler and the guy i was wrestling with hit me and i fell inside the room with the 2 windows and i had to restart cause it would not let me out.

also im not sure if this is a glitch or just bad programing but when somebody throws an object at my wrestler and i moved away the object moves in the direction the wrestler went. in real life objects can not just change direction in mid air. it makes it very hard to dodge weapons

15th Oct 2003, 20:48
Yea, that sucks, i've dodged a couple thrown from a distance, but usually hide behind something when they are throwing, until they come for me... otherwise im gettin my nugget smacked in w/ a brick or cow that follows me until my craniums a fountain of crimson.

Lorren K
15th Oct 2003, 22:47
i was just playing and i also got stuck in the tralor truck on the truck stop level. also for the record im playin on a PS2

16th Oct 2003, 01:48
About the floating letters... seems more like a matrix mode then a bug since it only happens when i hold a certain combo of buttons during the initial level load

the getting traped most of the time isn't truely a programming glitch... it's just that when you make a game so open and interactive it's hard to keep it both fully interactive and still block off every place someone might get stuck

and lastly.........

when it comes to thrown objects following you, you will probobly also notice it doesn't happen with everyone...... each person has there own person preference for weapons and fighting.... some of the characters are heavy hitters and love big objects (yet when throwing can often miss a still target) and some of the characters are fast and can throw objects with great acuracy and any combination of prefered weapons and fighting style and throwing ability imaginable

so the homing thrown objects aren't a bug or a glitch..... it is just another way to help differenciate the fighting styles of the 30 characters available in the game

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