View Full Version : I cannot open the final demo (HELP!)

15th Oct 2003, 07:44
I've just installed the final demo of Commnados 3. After the installation process. I open it but it simply turns back to windows after 1-2 seconds with black screen. then i read about the directx 9.0 problems. and i download the latest driver of my graphics card (ASUS 8170 DDR 64 Mb RaM). Then i tried once more and i get the error: "This application has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor." Also there is a note written that the soundcard shall be 100% directx 9.0 compatible. I have a Soundblaster Live 5.1 card. But i cannot find the directx driver of this card. Please help me about the situation. If it is about the soundcard please tell me where can i find it. I checked creative web site but the drivers are old.
Thank you!!!

15th Oct 2003, 07:59
that came along with the demo...
It talks about crashes, and direct X.....etc...
You should download the direct X from microsoft. if you haven't allready doen so...


15th Oct 2003, 08:10
That you should run dxdiag and find out that your pc is running smoothly....
(start,run, and type.dxdiag)
they also advise to run a scan disk and a defragmenter
Hope you find a solution....