View Full Version : What's up with this game?

15th Oct 2003, 03:06
Dude, dont get me wrong this game is ok, but whats up with these fake ass almost impossible to ever be done in real life finishing moves? And another thing, where's the thumbtacks and lightbulbs? And what's with Sabu in this game? The indy wrestlers were never in the BYW scene. Or from my knowledge they werent. Where's Chaos, Sic, and Heartless from HIW?! Where's ACTUAL backyard wrestlers from the videos? If you ask me, this game is missing a lot of things. I mean props to ICP for being mad awesome wrestlers and musical performers, but what the ****? This game is totally dull. It needs MORE blood than what we get. I mean when Mad Man Pondo gets messed up he gets BLOODIER than any character in this game. Is it me or does this game need some SERIOUS modifications?!

25th Oct 2003, 17:59
ummm no alot of them are not impossible, m-dogg 2o's is what he really does, to pin them