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14th Oct 2003, 13:08
it's not the one I wanted. I'd been planning on getting a desktop this month for my kids' schoolwork--one with a big graphics card that I could really play T2 on.

Instead my notebook melted down and I needed to replace that instead. It was old--in fact I bought it the month Thief TDP came out. That computer was the reason I got TDP in the first place--I was just browsing for a game to play on my new computer.

All my files were backed up so I didn't loose anything valuable except my Address Book--but it was a bummer to be offline for over a week.

I got an Acer 800XCi and it may even be good enough to play T2 on, I'll install it later when I've got everything else configured and running the way I like.

Any tips for how you organize your Thief folders and Darkloader? What about keyboard setup? Is the T2 keyboard the same as Gold?

I'll probably run through Gold first just to get back into practice before I tackle T2. If the keystrokes are the same for both games, great--that will make life easy. If not, do you prefer the Gold or the T2 setup? I'll set them both games the preferred way. I'm running XP Professional--I assume that'll work.

14th Oct 2003, 15:34
I have the keys mapped exactly the same for both Thief Gold and T2. You should be able to set them any way you want. You don't have to use defaults.

As far as Darkloader, I had an old copy for a long time. In fact I had three old copies, one for each version of Thief "DP, Gold and T2" I just made a "Missions" folder to put the FM's in each Thief directory and everything worked fine. If it ain't broke.........!

But.....There are newer versions of Darkloader that I think only need one mission folder and can tell the difference between which Thief version the FM's is for and will load the approprate Thief game. I hope someone will clarify that cuz I have a new comp and I want the new Darkloader as well. Didn't install it yet. I even hear tell that they mark an FM if you have already played it. Hey, when I said I had an old copy of Thief Loader/Darl Loader I was serios. May be the first one HAHA!

I replayed both Thief Gold and T2 on my new comp. Has been ages since I just played them from the start as a whole game. FUN! It reminded me that Thief DP and Gold are a bit different in places. I noticed subtle things while playing.

May have to load up old Thief DP too.

T2 is a good game but a bit different. Oh Garrett is the same, just different characters. I won't give anything away. :)

14th Oct 2003, 16:03
Hey guys. To keep it clean, I use three folders for Dark and the FM's.

Darkloader (version 4.1.501) FM-1 for Tgold and TDP, and FM-2 for TMA.

Because DARK can crash if one of the FM's is corrupted, by keeping them seperate you can know if it is THIEF, or an FM causing the problem.

Peter Smith addressed this last year (2002). If you have all the missions together in one Missions file, then it's difficult to find the culprit. especially if you batch copy FM's to a folder or copy three or four without playing them.

Dark trys to read all the FM's to find the one you request and can crash if it hits a corrupt file.

As Sneak says, Dark can tell the difference. But I still only copy one mission at a time to the FM folder. This is just before I play it. If it runs fine, it stays in the proper folder, but if during play (early-late-whatever) if there is a problem, I can remove it and check the THIEF version clean, or try another FM. If the second choice works I know that the most current FM is faulty.

Once it checks out then it lives in the FM folder for 1 or 2.

Mr. Perfect
14th Oct 2003, 20:27
You've never played Thief 2?! :eek: Egads, man, Thief 3 is right around the, uhm, next couple corners. :)

15th Oct 2003, 15:34
Hey TBM,
Thats good advice. AFter reading that I think I will keep things the way I had them with separate mission folders. Sure doesn't hurt to have the FM's in their own folder based on version.

15th Oct 2003, 20:51
Maybe GMan is the trickster in disguise....never played T2....BAH! I don't believe it.

I don't keep any of my files neat and tidy. They are a jumbled up mess. But then I use an old laptop too so I can't have many games loaded anyhow. But if I could have lots of FM's and games loaded, they'd be a jumbled mess.

16th Oct 2003, 01:59
Alrighty then, separate folders for different versions of Thief and FMs. Thanks for the hints.

Sneak, I'll keep the keypad settings the same. Do they come that way? I'd hate to re-learn the keys to Gold, only to find a different configuration works better for T2. My fingers aren't so good at re-learning...LOL

17th Oct 2003, 03:01
Just for druthers...I always map my control keys the same way basically for all my FPS's...started with a basic setup I started my Quake games with and used those same keys from then on so I didn't have to learn a new way either!!! I hate that so they all get reconfiged as much as I can with few exceptions :D Works great for me! :) Ta and Good Hunting!