View Full Version : need sum help

14th Oct 2003, 00:37
Alright I dont wanna sound like some cheatin *** but i cant figure out how to unlock some things like wrestlers (Tom Dub, Dameon Redd, Madrox) also ways to fight like tag and king of the hill someone help me out.

15th Oct 2003, 04:11
tag and king of tha heill are unlocked just by beating the game in story mode

make sure the dificulty is on normal (that's the easiest possible) and use alot of grab attacks and you'll be able to win after some practice

and when it comes to unlocking the characters look at any of the other posts i've done around tha boards cause i've explained it like 3 times......

hope i helped...... happy gaming

Dingo Tha Hatchet Dawg