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13th Oct 2003, 22:38
ok so there is a new demo out, which is the same levels as the last 2 demos, but this one is some 20mbs bigger.

has anyone played this yet? is it worth downloading (i grabbed the other 2)? and most importantly... DOES IT ALLOW HOTKEYS (insted of that clumbsy point and click)?

14th Oct 2003, 00:34
i am downloading it now although i'm going to watch the yankee/red sox game so i won't be playing it soon.

"This demo is based on final "gold" code."
and i will bet you 10 of @m's belgian dollars that it's the same clumbsy point and click/few hot keys as previous demos which means the game will be the same as well...thus, GET USE TO IT :D

and remember Le' Chuck 'E' Cheese, no negative comments...

14th Oct 2003, 01:38
I wish they'd make a bigger deal about the release for it... so i could get it mirrored at a local Aus server.

I can't get a direct link to the demo, so i can't request it at my ISP's game site. :(

Anyone got a direct link to this new demo?

14th Oct 2003, 02:05
go to Avault (http://www.avault.com) but the site is down as i post this. i'm sure it's in alot of places, but Avault is where i usually go...

14th Oct 2003, 02:45
Hrmm... i just re-checked my local gamesite... and they've got the commandos3demov2.exe, which weighs in at 237.53Mb.

Is that the same size as this latest one?

I know the beta demo was bigger than the Official one, what's the size of this 3rd demo?

14th Oct 2003, 03:00
hmm, 18,583 C3 demo downloads at Adrenaline Vault. this is just ONE popular site and probably doesn't count Europe where it's even more popular! i guess everyone's downloading it because they just hate the fact there are fewer hotkeys....hmm

and Wayd, i don't know the size cuz i haven't downloaded it. go to the site i said and start the download. it's the new one and you can get the size when it starts to download then cancel it and find one of that size at your local gamesite.

14th Oct 2003, 03:37
nope, still the retarded control scheme, good job pyro, i for one am not gonna waste any time OR money on this game.

and obviously this game deserves the lackluster reveiws its getting. yes, i'm juding it by the demo, before you flame me about it only being a demo, ask yourself this question... what is the point of a demo? thought so

Stupid Bloody Johnson
14th Oct 2003, 03:59
Wow third demo, and they still refuse to add high resolution support. Didint seem to be a problem in the Commandos2 demo.

Such a simple feature to add too, and apparently very under-rated by Pyro Studios.

14th Oct 2003, 05:27
Originally posted by WeinerMan
and i will bet you 10 of @m's belgian dollars that it's the same

Hey, you can't just bet with others people money!

(besides it euros we use here) :D

14th Oct 2003, 10:17
The control scheme isn't that ****ty, the 'scrolling through avauilable weapons will take some getting used to though.
The only thing i dislike is there's not hotkey for cigarettes. I used them heaps, at least they should put in two keys that let you scroll through other useable items...