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11th Oct 2003, 15:58
How much background story and weapon information for IW do we know?

11th Oct 2003, 16:09
Well, try to look around.

From www.deusex.com

Welcome to the world of Deus Ex: Invisible War from Warren Spector.

Here at Ion Storm, we sometimes describe the first Deus Ex game as being set "10 minutes before the apocalypse" and describing "the death of the old order."Similarly, we describe Deus Ex: Invisible War as "10 minutes before the dawn of a new age, the birth of the new world."The events of the first Deus Ex game plunged the world into chaos and, now, 20 fictional years later, several groups want to set things right, determining the fate of mankind.

-- There's a religious order that wants to unify the world's religions...
-- Another group wants to sees salvation in uniting the world economically...
-- Another wants to see the proliferation of human biomodification while another seeks to preserve the purity of the human race, eradicating biomodification entirely..

Sadly, the most widely applied weapon in the war for humanity's future is terrorism.

It's not so very different from the world we live in today. However, there's one thing the world of Invisible War has that the real world doesn't -- YOU, in the role of a biomodified anti-terrorist agent named Alex D.

As Alex D, you must decide who to trust, who to oppose and who to support. And, since this is a Deus Ex game, there are many mysteries to explore -- the various factions aren't always what they appear to be and their TRUE goals may differ radically from their PUBLIC goals.It's quite the conspiratorial smorgasbord, actually! Who your enemies are will vary depending upon how you play -- the "heroes" and "villains" of the piece are determined less by designer fiat and more by your feelings, your actions and your interactions with the people you meet.Fans of the first game will be pleased to find that some of their old favorite characters make repeat appearances in Invisible War, though often in new and different roles. (Even J.C. Denton, the hero of the first Deus Ex game, and Paul Denton, J.C's brother, make a critically important appearance in Invisible War.) And since it's 20 years later, you're no longer the only biomodded human, as you were in Deus Ex -- now, there are others like you, and they all have their own thoughts about who's right and who's wrong in the global conflict.So how will you use your power to solve the world's problems? Who will you side with and who will you try to stop? How will you do it? As the stealthy assassin, the deadly soldier, the charismatic hacker? The tools are there to support all of these choices and more. The world is as responsive as any you've seen in a game. The choices are yours to make. Choose wisely. The fate of the world is in your hands...

11th Oct 2003, 19:40
Due to lack of flash player and internet unreliability i cant access the official site. The release date sounds nice and close...

14th Oct 2003, 00:03