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10th Oct 2003, 21:21

Where can I find Mortimer? I think he has the key to Talbot's room and the Western Tower and perhaps also the key to the secret door in the library. Do you know his whereabouts? I don't see his name when I pick up the corpses. Even the Zombors are gone.:)

11th Oct 2003, 00:22
You need to find a sitting room upstairs with an attached bath. Go into the sitting room fireplace and look above your head for a button. That gets you into a new area and if you explore, you'll find the Upper Floor key. If you already have that one, then the only other one you could be missing is the Master's key. To get it, you need to have all 4 Talismans. Have you collected them yet?

11th Oct 2003, 00:41
I only found one that is the air. I got some doors, and treasure chest that I can't opened and that's what bothers me. I think I saw that bathroom you're talking about. I knew you and Peter had written out a lootlist for this one long time ago and it's one of your all time favorite FMs. Let me go and find that one. Talk to you later, Nightwalker. Thanks.:)

11th Oct 2003, 01:59
OK I got the upper floor key from Mortimer. He was in that room that I was trying to climb from outside earlier. But it doesn't open the upper floor door going to the restricted area. I thought it opens everything but not unfortunately. Where can I find that missing Master's key then?:(

11th Oct 2003, 03:21
As I said, to get that you need all 4 Talismans. Which ones are you missing? There's a great thread here (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=63692&highlight=Mystery+Man+FAQ) that SlyFoxx posted at TTLG. It's an FAQ for Mystery Man and should probably fix you up if you get stuck on one of them.

11th Oct 2003, 03:38
I'm missing 3 out of 4.I only have the Talisman of Air. This is a good thread you gave Nightwalker, I think this will help me a lot. Thanks.:)

11th Oct 2003, 06:03
Oh my! MM is a spidy haunt. I can't believe it after all the suspense. Wow! What a mission! Lots of twists and turns and loot too. Thanks a lot Nightwalker and Slyfoxx. :)