View Full Version : only kian, wheres raz

10th Oct 2003, 17:54
in most of da preveiws they just mention kain, all his power and stuff but nth bout razeil, why's that?
Plus did u ever notice that kain and raz have da same powers exept jump for kan and shift for raz??????????

11th Oct 2003, 01:12
I'm not sure why all you have read about is Kain. But there are many differences between Raziel and Kain's powers, especially as you progress through the game. Even many of their mechanics are different. Just wait until the game comes out and you will be able to see for yourself. Not too much longer to wait now!

The Amazing Rando
11th Oct 2003, 02:28
Originally posted by Chris@Crystal
Not too much longer to wait now!

Chris, you taunt us so. lol. I agree with Chris tho, I think we should wait until we get to play the final version of the game before judging it from previews. Sure the two might start out similar, but I'm sure they don't want to give out too much too early, and all we've seen is from early levels. Let's just be patient.