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Leigh Croft
9th Oct 2003, 21:04
Well it was my birthday yesterday, the 8th, and today I recieved a very special present indeed! I met a friend of mine today whose mum works in a cake shop. He got her to make me a cake with this pic on it.........


And my name written on it in the orange colour that "The Angel Of Darkness" is written in on the logo! I almost don't wanna eat it!! :p If someone can host a pic of the cake ill post it!

9th Oct 2003, 21:13
At first I thought you said it was your 8th birthday. I was like, "he looks old for being 8." lol. Then I realized that yesterday was the 8th of October.

Send the pic to trnut86@wi.rr.com and I'll host it for you.

BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!

Leigh Croft
9th Oct 2003, 21:19
Cheers MountainDewNut. Ill take the pic and upload it 2moro. Thanx again.

9th Oct 2003, 22:27
Happy birthday!!!

10th Oct 2003, 01:27
I'd also like to say Happy Birthday to you!:cool:

sk8er punk
10th Oct 2003, 20:41
A friend of my mom's made me a lara cake too. I haven't got a pic, cause it was from my 10th (?) birthday.

13th Oct 2003, 12:47
is it too late to wish you a happy birthday? ;)

And I would really like to see that picture! :)


Leigh Croft
13th Oct 2003, 21:31
Thanks guys! I dont wanna eat the thing! I took the pic 2day so ill send it for hosting hopefully 2moro.

13th Oct 2003, 21:34
What's stopping you from sending it today?

13th Oct 2003, 21:39
you can divide the cake with us!:D lol

Leigh Croft
13th Oct 2003, 21:46
I took the pic on my dads digital cam and I only just got back from work :( Ill do it 2moro b4 college cos all of the cables and the cradle for the cam are in my dads office! Don't worry you should be able to see it by 2moro. Seriously I dont wanna eat it but im gonna have to soon! Ill share it out with you guys! I know that you'll all appreciate it! :p

15th Oct 2003, 03:59
Here it is:

15th Oct 2003, 05:47
Yum! http://sbp777.homestead.com/files/drool.gif

Leigh Croft
15th Oct 2003, 13:34
Thanx MountainDewNut. I'm realy gonna have to start eating it soon otherwise it'll start to go manky!

15th Oct 2003, 13:48
NIce cake,,really nice!! I want it too!!!:D

15th Oct 2003, 14:14
Yes, me too, it look real nice!

Take a lot of pictures eh :)


Leigh Croft
15th Oct 2003, 14:53
Ill have to invite a few friends over at the weekend 2 help me eat it. Good job ive got Saturday off work! U guys fancy coming over for a slice? :p

17th Oct 2003, 01:30
That's beautiful! Happy Birthday!:D

17th Oct 2003, 10:42
beautiful cake!!!! i love it :D and ill be right over, make sure to save a slice :p

my mom was going to have a pic of Scarface put on my cake, but thought itd look ridiculous ... :(

Leigh Croft
17th Oct 2003, 12:13
I still havent eaten it! *sniff sniff* It's fine!! I might have to slice and dice it this weekend, well I do have saturday off work! Ummmm cake fest. Anyone who wants a piece be round at mine on Saturday! :p

17th Oct 2003, 12:18
Tomorrow (saturday) the whole eidos board is at your place to get a slice of you beautiful cake :D :cool:


17th Oct 2003, 19:04

Can I have a piece too?

Oh, and happy belated birthday Leigh! :)

17th Oct 2003, 20:38
That is one cool cake.......I'll come and eat some, I'm only 20 mins away :D

Leigh Croft
17th Oct 2003, 22:26
Hee hee! Theres plenty for all! I'm gonna start munchin it 2moro! Especially after the night ive had at work! :rolleyes:

Leigh Croft
18th Oct 2003, 11:39
Ummmmmm! God this cake is nice! Ummmmmm! Man i'm gonna be fat after 2day! I'll have to call in the troops to help me eat!

18th Oct 2003, 13:37
***gets on a plane to manchester, england.***

ill be there in about 8 hours or so!! :p make sure there's left overs!

Leigh Croft
18th Oct 2003, 14:09
Don't worry! Theres plenty for everyone! Hmmmm might go get another piece! :p

18th Oct 2003, 20:14
Bon app├ętit !!:p :D

Leigh Croft
18th Oct 2003, 20:26
Man I'll be fat by Monday!

19th Oct 2003, 04:06
Hope you had a great birthday. I had a kind of a Lara birthday cake for my 30. Well it was a book, Lara reads lots of books and it had to see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower blah blah blah from TR 1. :D

19th Oct 2003, 04:09
Originally posted by MountainDewNut
Here it is:
http://jackie.wyk.edu.hk/mdn/img/jpgcake.jpg dude what a beautiful cake, so what type of cake is it, chocolate vanilla. Hope it was yummy now you truly say Lara is a part of you.

Leigh Croft
19th Oct 2003, 08:26
It's a gorgeous sponge cake with a cream and jam filling! Nearly half gone now, I can't find it within myself to decapitate her though........

19th Oct 2003, 20:52
Perhaps you could have her head saved and preserved like they do with wedding cake?
I wouldn't mind nibbling on Mr Trent, heheh ;)

Leigh Croft
19th Oct 2003, 20:56
Lol. I was thinkin about saving it but its too late now! Theres only reminants of her head and hair left! I feel so cruel! Ah well, it was very yummy though! Thanx to every1 who wished me a happy birthday!

20th Oct 2003, 18:17
You can eat Kurtis! :eek: :D

Leigh Croft
20th Oct 2003, 18:35
Kurtis' face was the last piece....................and I ate it this morning! I was nearly sick though because I'd eaten practically the whole cake to myself! Eating it at 9:50am this morning didnt help either!

20th Oct 2003, 18:38

20th Oct 2003, 20:23
lol, Leigh. It's worse though when you're making cake with icing for 300+ people, and there's a whole lot of icing left over. By 10AM I was really sick lol.

Leigh Croft
20th Oct 2003, 20:29
Lol! I deserved it though, lets just say, work wasn't as good as it could have been......AGAIN! :(