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8th Oct 2003, 20:52

I'm moddeling a new object for Thief that shall have sounds when used (like a door). I created the sounds and stored them IMA ADPCM 4bit mono coded in the 'snd' folder inside a new folder.
I made a schema-file and included it with 'reload_schemas' into my gamesys (all schema-files are inside the folder 'schemas'). I can test my new sounds by using 'play_schema schema_name' (the name given in the line starting with 'schema').
I can include my new object into dromed object hierachy without problem and it can be seen and used *n dromed's game mode.

The problem is: when I 'connect' my new schema to the new object with 'Add -> Schema -> Class Tags 'schema_name' (given in the line starting with 'env_tag', second term in parenthesis), I can't hear anything. When I use a given schema, it works with this given sound. I also can't use my new schema with any other given objects.

I've done everything as mentiond in the tutorial written by 'Sledge (http://www.thief-thecircle.com/dromed/displaysubject.asp?titleID=71&title=Editing%20Schemas&sub=Sound)'. Could the be a trap that I've overlooked?

Thanks for help, Ed

9th Oct 2003, 16:19
I've got it.
I was told, that I have to declare my schema in 'ENVSOUND.SPC'