View Full Version : Boaz bug

8th Oct 2003, 19:00
I passed tomb raider aod 3 times and the third time the i passed it i made a save file before the cut-scene of boaz. I killed boaz many times and once i encounter 2 bugs, (i'm on ps2)

1st: i was shooting boaz in the head and juped sideways to avoid it's bite but it hit me in mid-air, about 10% of my life was decreased, and from that bite till the death of boaz Kurtis became invulnerable, every bite, every acid, anything, he was inmortal.

2nd: i've encounter a bug which one of you mentioned, which is that he will not aim properly. infact when i aimed to the pods he seem to be aiming to the one which he cannot see, the ones that will be behind it's back, but i maneged to kill it, the pods will not show which one is destroyed, but still i maneged

10th Oct 2003, 17:23
Hey, we know AOD is really buggy. The immortal thing, well it happened to me but in the Biodome with Lara. Really weird :)

10th Oct 2003, 21:36
thats the problems im having , when i want to aim for the pods he aims at her legs instead .and the stupid camera angle moves to a different angle so i can not go any futher with the game.so i been shooting her for two and not got any where..im a pc user Deserthawk