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8th Oct 2003, 12:42
Has anyone here deliberately gone around America, Hong Kong and Paris to all the places featured in the game (within reason, not Area 51 of course)

8th Oct 2003, 13:14
nope, haven't been any of those places, but I hear the blueprints are real, is it?

For those who do go there, are they the same at least 80%

8th Oct 2003, 13:18
I went to Liberty Island and of course the inside of the statue isn't like in DX.
I've been to Paris too but I don't know where the part in DX would be in the real city if it exists at all.

8th Oct 2003, 13:41
So your saying 100% not same? the Liberty Island in the statue, Deus Ex is abit in future, couple of years, ofcourse the ATM & stuff may not be there, but is the structure design similar or not?

How those it look like in reality.

8th Oct 2003, 14:15
A few years ago on the old Ion Storm message boards, different people posted photos of Liberty Island and the Wan Chai market area of Hong Kong. Liberty island matched up pretty good, except there are no buildings where UNATCO hq is located. The inside was different as well.

Wan Chai in the game bore very little resemblance to the real market.

It was determined by a French poster or two that the areas of Paris depicted in the game, aside from a few place names, were completely fictional.

I don't recall what was mentioned about Castle Clinton, Hell's Kitchen, and other areas of New York, but I think I read an interview somewhere that said CC was fairly accurate.

Catman might remember better than I.

8th Oct 2003, 14:21
The Battery Park pigeon statue was accurate, at least. :D

8th Oct 2003, 14:30
Originally posted by Random
The Battery Park pigeon statue was accurate, at least. :D

Right. I remember that being mentioned now.

8th Oct 2003, 14:30
Well, at least most of them are recognisable, Too bad part 2 will be more unrecognisable, since its 15 more years to the future.