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7th Oct 2003, 06:40
I've tried to finish the game stealth all the way, but after finishing the game normally I notice that at ending levels, theres no way to stealth through.

What I mean by stealth is no killing, no stunning & no getting spotted.

I manage to be steath all the way to Hong Kong, with few being spotted. but I haven't touch them at all. This includes, not seeing Sarah [uh is that her name?] being harrassed. Not talking to Smuggler, etc.

Not sure what happened to Sarah but Smuggler got caught if we don't tell him of Gunther.

Is it possible to even win levels by sneaking only in Deus Ex 2? I haven't got the game yet in my country.

& are there gossips around? I mean in part 1, when we go to places there are people talking to each other. In 1st lvl at Liberty Island, I found 3 gossips,

1. talking about Hermann at the side of the statue ground lvl.
2. In the middle of the statue where a merc. & a NSF talking about Jo Jo
3. Top floor, talking about standing their ground.

Best part about the game is how they behave differently in talking when we make different choices

I hope theres gossips all around DX 2 & extra things people say when continually clicking on them to chat.

Sometimes when I hear about some innocent people scared of their job, I just leave them alone or definately stun them & handle the rest who have no problem about it. In the 1st lvl, I definately would stun them all, because if i don't UNATCO would kill them all.


7th Oct 2003, 12:41
A recent interview said that one of the DX2 testers had played through 2/3 of the game without even picking up a weapon. We haven't heard if he made it all the way, but we can hope. ;)

7th Oct 2003, 12:45
That is most definately good news so far, 2/3 of the game, cool. Where have u read about this?

7th Oct 2003, 13:06
It was in this Gamespot preview (http://www.gamespot.com/xbox/rpg/deusexinvisiblewar/preview_6074704.html).

One of the original goals was to design the game in such a way that it could be completed without requiring the player to ever touch a weapon, and Spector believes this goal to be achievable--given that one tester has made it about two-thirds of the way through the game without having acquired so much as a pistol.

7th Oct 2003, 13:11
Is getting spotted & hiding considered stealth still?

In other words, another way of not using a weapon is to run across anemy line of views to get to somewhere.

7th Oct 2003, 13:33
True, but I assume using stealth was a major element in avoiding conflicts.