View Full Version : What do you do most

gretal mkIII
6th Oct 2003, 19:08
Which of these do you do most

Captin Snow
6th Oct 2003, 21:25
Multiplayer is what makes this game what it is.

7th Oct 2003, 17:43
the only reason i bought ts2 was for multipllayer, but it turned out to have decent story mode aswell, i kinda prefered ts1 story mode tho, also i like the challanges and arcade mode but im stickign with multiplayer ..;)

7th Oct 2003, 19:09
i play alot of mapmaker

9th Oct 2003, 15:13
me and my buds like to make a mission in map maker and challenge each other to finish it.

17th Oct 2003, 18:17
yer i do that :D

i recently bought a multitap, i havent had time to use it yet tho and im goign to bring it to my freinds on sunday alogn with ts2 :D:D should be fun ;)

26th Oct 2003, 23:15
I like to make different kinds of teams then play team deathmatch.

1st Nov 2003, 02:38
Single, as in the Arcade Leagues and Challenge levels.