View Full Version : I hope the next TR does use the LOK:Defiance engine, look at these!

4th Oct 2003, 00:43
I really hope the next TR does use the LOK: Defiance engine, look at these new screenshots of defiance man...just picture Tomb Raider looking like that! Fantastic!







4th Oct 2003, 01:53
Not bad, at all.

But could someone clear up something for me about this engine? I have limited knowledge of Defiance's engines, and I was wondering if it is indeed, a new, more than likely DX9, engine.

Someone around here saying they were using a previous engine, just revamped.

4th Oct 2003, 03:13
Likely the Lok: Defiance engine will be updated for the new TR

4th Oct 2003, 07:08
Impressive! I'm sure they will update the engine to include DirectX 9 features unless they intend to earn scorn from the critics again (which they risk by developing a TR game.)

4th Oct 2003, 08:14
It looks very nice now.

But updated game engines suck. Look at Star Trek Elite Force 2.

In two years this engine will be way outdated.

Lara Croft Online
5th Oct 2003, 01:56
BloodRayne uses the Nocturne engine and that sucks bigtime
thank goodness :D

5th Oct 2003, 05:43
At the state that Tomb Raider is in I dont think it will be complaining lol.

5th Oct 2003, 06:06
What's the point in getting a fantastic looking game if your video card can't even run it? Bleh, gameplay over graphics.

Now if I could just port my GameCube to this and-

5th Oct 2003, 22:31
If you cant run anything that looks like that you really need to upgrade heck graphics in games are going up not down and they include the nice gameplay so :p

6th Oct 2003, 02:00
Not everyone can afford to or want to spend large sums of money on video cards. One hundred dollars is barely acceptable.

6th Oct 2003, 04:26
Look at what?

/me switches from Firebird to IE.

Oh. That.

Am hoping the jaggies are not a product of the engine but rather compression.

Yes this engine will be two years old in two years time, but think how many successful (and very pretty) games were based around the HL engine, or the Unreal engine. Developers sure went nutso leeching those engines for all they were worth for a long time.

6th Oct 2003, 20:07
WoW! Those are really impressive! :eek: I may have to buy that game now :D .