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3rd Oct 2003, 03:53
I have a gamecube and for the most part i love it.

Only a few things that cube doesnt have that xbox does. Xbox live and dvd player. Cube does have internet but it sucks i tried my friends. Xbox has a headset. But cube does have better games like Mario sunshine and zelda most games nowdays have guns and killing with blood.

Xbox does have morrowind and halo (in my opinion the best 1st person shooter). So i wanna hear from the xbox and cube owners... Which system is actually better?

3rd Oct 2003, 04:01
This is a bad idea. Console wars have broken out over topics like this...

But, anyway, I don't have either Xbox or Gamecube. Wasn't that helpful? :p

3rd Oct 2003, 07:16
i aint got any of those to either, and im also sure there is about 10 threads on this topic..

10th Oct 2003, 15:24
Originally posted by robofishzombie
This is a bad idea. Console wars have broken out over topics like this...

I totally agree. The forums on gamers.com have turned into a three ring circus. Just look at the Vice city and halo reviews there. (and if your inclined read my Halo review, by DrkSnpr14, to see my opinion on this subjet) I think it's up to the persons opinion. ALL concils have much to offer, and you should pick what you like.:cool:

12th Oct 2003, 20:08
Cube :D

Yes xbox has dvd (altho you have to get that thingy for it) and yes it has xboxlive (even tho you have to pay some monthly fee) but it just doesnt have enough good games YET! if I was asked again in a year or so then I might choose xbox.

This is only my opinion but it'll differ from one person to another so you can't really say one is better than the other. Its upto you to decide which one is better for you depending on what you want.

Since I don't play online on consoles I don't need xbox live and I got a dvd player so I don't need one of those either. Then again I like some of the games on both so I got em both :p (along with the rest of cors ;) )