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3rd Oct 2003, 03:21
I have heard that skills are being replaced with passive augs. I have also heard that you only have six aug slots. Do passive augs (the equivalent of skills) take up Aug slots? or is there another set of slots for "skill augs"?

3rd Oct 2003, 04:18
There are two types of biomods: Active (switch them on and off, they use bioelectricity) and Passive (on all the time, no bioelectricity usage).

There are six slots for active biomods, and 18 of them total. We don't know anything about the slot system for passive biomods (except that it's separate from the active system) or exactly how many there are (the only word is "tons and tons").

Active biomods cover cool abilities, kind of like the augs in DX. They include stuff like Bot Domination, Vision Enhancement, the Life-Leech Drones, and the bullet-time biomod (whatever it's called).

Passive biomods basically replace skills. We don't know about very many of them. The "Neural Interface" biomod gives you hacking abilities, and the swimming skill will probably be covered by a passive biomod. It's been mentioned that Silent Run is also now a passive biomod.

For anyone who's wondering (and might still be freaked out about the skill system removal), that's about all we know.

One of my first characters will be the insane sword-wielding ninja. Silent Run, the speed/jump aug, bullet-time... wielding a nanosword and rampantly slicing and dicing :D