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23rd Jun 2013, 15:49
Although I havent been invited to the beta, from what I've seen, the combat could use some tweaks. It's not like its a dragstic change to the battle system but i believe that insted of the refresh time being around 2.5 seconds it should be 1.5 seconds. That way players already used to the combat wont feel the gamplay is different but people who dont like the slow paced battle system will feel its more action oriented. I personally dont care about the combat but it would be a good way to draw more people into the game. Is this a good suggestion or not? I dont give good advice :P

23rd Jun 2013, 19:39
I think faster refresh rates would be nice, but there's materia and equips for that stuff, from what I saw.

23rd Jun 2013, 20:34
This is just Beta but there are things left that hasn't been added. I can't disclose what would affect those things however because of the agreement.

23rd Jun 2013, 20:38
I agree...a lot of people agree actually. Yoshi P. said there will be no change in the core combat but the GCD is too damn long.

23rd Jun 2013, 20:48

23rd Jun 2013, 21:03
I so want to disclose the information! But I can't! Rawr! :x The game's combat will be better but it's not action oriented like Tera or Blade and Soul.

23rd Jun 2013, 23:38
I so want to disclose the information! But I can't! Rawr! :x The game's combat will be better but it's not action oriented like Tera or Blade and Soul.

Yes! I'm right there with you, Saha. So much I want to say!!! Don't worry, guys. You'll like the final product.

27th Sep 2013, 20:59
im on jp server world ixion and im trying to find a solid group to fight chimera. we mainly need a lvl 50 bard but will gladly accept any help. I play on ps3 and psn is shooterjack85 msg me if you can help thanks

28th Sep 2013, 09:13
You probably need to find 1 in your server or a least indicate the server you're in.

23rd Oct 2013, 00:17
I'd like to know if anyone else has had the issue with completing this fight and no receiving any reward for it.
Horizon Healion - Malboro - Second phase ended at 7:43ish Est. 10-22-2013

I finished Gold the first phase. My whole group got gold on the second phase and yet i didn't receive any reward for completing the fate. I attacked twice, Used virus, Then focus healing the Tanks Behemoth was fighting till the end of the Fate. My whole group received Gold and five horns when I received No Horns or Gold ranking.
Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to go about getting this fixed? I'd like to receive my horns and achievement for completing This Fate on Gold.

I have sent in a Ticket in game requesting help. I'm curious if there is other means to get this brought to SE Attention.

24th Oct 2013, 12:56
You're lucky if you can actually see Behemoth! I've yet to even see him displayed due to crowding and display priority issues.

24th Oct 2013, 19:01
I have a pretty good Computer so seeing them is not to much of an issue. Most times though I do have to be really close to him or i lose either Behemoth or the current tank who he is focused on.

26th Oct 2013, 01:18
I was able to get the reward for this.