View Full Version : why C3 delay again?!

2nd Oct 2003, 18:24
I wan't know the whys~

2nd Oct 2003, 18:58
and you think we, the clueless public, know this?

2nd Oct 2003, 21:50
some serious bugs in the game etc.
realy, the delay is about 10 days, wo who cares :)

3rd Oct 2003, 01:22
Hopefully the reason has something to do with the adding of more hotkeys

3rd Oct 2003, 11:38
yeah hope theyll change that. i really want the hotkeys of c2 or smth, i like those way more cuz in c3 you have to search if you have the tool u want by pressing a god dammend key many times while you are able to find out with a simple single hotkey in c2. and i also wonder why you cant use hotkeys for tools as the med kit..... :mad:

10th Oct 2003, 20:59
Maybe they want to cut some more good features from the game. They got rid of co-op multiplayer maybe they should ditch the green beret or sumthin... On the other hand they might have actually listened to us and started implementing a co-op mode. who knows???

10th Oct 2003, 21:13
i guess it's good therapy to blow off stream Lechuck and some others but neither Pyro nor Eidos are in the business to lose money. they don't reduce the number of hot keys or cut co-op so it will piss off the people who support their product and keep them in business. get the picture? their marketing research shows people DON'T want this stuff. when you grow up and own your own business, you won't be in business long if you delete things that EVERYONE likes. co-op is gone cuz no one liked it. co-op is gone cuz it made room for something more people want. they don't care if you're upset cuz for every 1 of you there are 10 people happy with the changes...

10th Oct 2003, 21:40
Funny you should say that... I AM 19, AT UNIVERSITY STUDYING BUSINESS AND WHAT I SAID WAS SARCASM! Of course they don't want to make the game worse. Otherwise no one will buy it :p . My point is that they don't seem to be realising that they're actually doing the game no favours. People aren't gonna complain if you can choose between deathmatch and co-op are they? why has it got to be 1 or the other. bloody hell. I AM A FAN OF THE COMMANDOS GAMES, AND HAVE ALL OF THEM TO DATE. I'D RATHER THEY HELD THE GAME BACK ANOTHER YEAR OR 5 AND RELEASED IT WITH CO-OP & DEATHMATCH. WHY CUT FEATURES?? They'll have delayed the game for a good reason and hopefully its to add co-op.

10th Oct 2003, 22:27
My sources inside Eidos tell me that the game was late 4 release because both the thief and green beret had a huge fight and both ended up at the hospital.
The need another week or so to get back on their feet and ready to kick butts....
that is the unofficial version, of course, but it really make sense to me... :-)
PS: of course Eidos wants to make money..That doesn't mean that they are not gonna make mistakes here and there..(hotkeys issue)
After the tutorial fiasco, you've gotta be say to yourself that all is not well at "Commandos"

10th Oct 2003, 23:14
NEWS JUST IN:: The reason why there's a delay with the game is because the commandos are on strike. The commandos don't want to fight the war because they feel it is dangerous to drive without a license. Brooklyn, the group's former driver is out with a sprained ankle after falling off the Eiffel Tower. " I jumped up in celebration coz we won an' slipped on Frenchy's banana skin. He's always leavin' those things lyin' around. Anyways, nex ting ya know I'm fallin' 300 metres... The doc said I was lucky not to break a toe." "Ontil wun ov us paases aawr test, ya can ferget tha war" said Sgt. O'Hara in a press conference earlier today. "Francis got 6 minors and 7 majors on 'is last wun, an' that's tha best we've managed". There ya have it folks. the truth behind it all

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10th Oct 2003, 23:38
:confused: :confused: http://pages.prodigy.net/rtorres69/_images/kissthis.gif Well? ok!

11th Oct 2003, 02:04
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12th Oct 2003, 03:59
lol, if it will continue like that we will have a game called "eidos: forum wars" ;)

but realy, best thing for you all (except me :D) is to shut up and just wait for the game!