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2nd Oct 2003, 12:23
I have started playing TS2 co-op and recently got stuck when I was using the remote camera gatling gun (Siberia). I couldn't get off of it. No matter how many times I hit X nothing happened. I could turn the camera on/off but couldn't get to the next one nor could I get back to the game. Has anyone else encountered this glitch? Is this just my copy or or glitches like this common? I have the PS2 version and switched controllers just to make sure it wasn't the controller.

2nd Oct 2003, 13:26
try mashing another button.... Triangle, for example..
I think that's the right button, been a while since I played it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.. :o

Good luck with the rest of the game! :D

2nd Oct 2003, 14:05
I tried every button possible. I eventually had to start the game.

2nd Oct 2003, 21:44
That's just a common glitch. You'll never be able to leave the gun view.

I've had it happen on the guns of Training Grounds

3rd Oct 2003, 11:12
Once you've played the game enough, you'll find 101 glitches. These are inevitable and the only action I'd recommend would to be 'curse til you can curse no more'.
Alternativly, you could simply restart the game and try again.