View Full Version : How come I run faster on T1 than T2?

1st Oct 2003, 21:05
Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? T1 engine rocks while in T2, I go very slow no matter how I press the up arrow key. :)

1st Oct 2003, 21:09
Are you sure you don't accidentally have the CAPS key locked? :D

I have done that a time or two and in T2 you can't move faster than a walk. LOL

Mr. Perfect
2nd Oct 2003, 03:38
Might be your frame rate running away too. See my thread on this. (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24433)

2nd Oct 2003, 06:20
I am really running when I play T1 which makes the guards suspicious and the undead disturbed all the time. I started playing T2 on Windows 98 and ME and it was already like that "slow pace" .Now I'm using XP and still like that. Let me go and check that frame rate.:)

7th Oct 2003, 17:56
There are additional movement modes in T2. If I remember correctly, T1 only has walk and run, while T2 has crawl, creep, walk, and run. Look at your control customizations in T2 and make sure you have the right key mapped to "run".

3rd Nov 2003, 18:51
What Bat-mite said.

Also remember that in T1 jumping while running gave you a burst of speed that could be made more pronounced by jumping again at the very moment Garrett's "feet" hit the ground. With this method it's possible to gain so much speed that you can kill Garrett if you hit a wall. This "kangaroo" jumping method was not avaliable in T2.

5th Nov 2003, 04:26
Nope, it's not like that but it's like I just drink a speed potion ready to run from Mystery Man. It really rocks using T1 and so I like playing T1 FMs alerting the guards and zombies all the time.:D