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30th Sep 2003, 08:48
I have to rant about how horrible this movie is somewhere.

When i first saw the trailer for this movie I said to myself. I bet you the little girl is just conning him. So I'm watching the movie and sure enough I started seeing the setup between his partner, the doctor, then the little girl and the supposed mark.

They were so obvious about it that it was sad. Leaving out details so that you knew that it was a con. Then the main con wasn't even a con it was just ripping a guy off. Switching suitcases is not a con. You con someone by having them give it to you of their own free will. He even said this in the movie and was one of the main points of the end of the movie and yet the main con wasn't even based around a con. Just a rip off. Then he was so breaking the rules. You don't break rules like that. Bringing other people in. Giving out information to a mark, like having a little girl. Unless you don't have one. And why would he possibly give access to his safety deposit box just because she walked in there. He'd only known her a few days. And a con is gonna be a paranoid mofo and he seemed like he was overly paranoid and yet he just walked right into it. I can understand the whole wanting a daughter thing but it was just so dumb it hurt.

It was just upsetting to watch all the little hints the director was making that it was a setup. The problem was they weren't hints they were blantantly obvious. Then i just felt insulted. Like the director thought the audience was stupid enough not to catch it until the end and then go 'Ooooh'.

30th Sep 2003, 12:49
As much as I love Nicholas Cage, the commercials for this one have not grabbed me. So I think I'll pass. Thanks for the heads up spoilers too. Now I can skip the DVD rental as well.

Umah Bloodomen
30th Sep 2003, 20:30
I almost went to see this. Unfortunately I settled on Underworld instead. :rolleyes:

Hopefully Nicholas Cage will be able to rebound from this. Thanks for the heads up, Tempy.