View Full Version : game speed...

29th Sep 2003, 16:27
After seeing some gameplay videos.. I was wondering if anyone else is hoping the game will not be so fast.

Senor v2
29th Sep 2003, 17:14
I agree. I mean jeez let me have some time to do my moves!

1st Oct 2003, 02:42
I dont really think the speed is too fast, unless maybe if you compare it to other wrestling games, but as a fighting game it's a pretty good speed, it gives it that arcade-feeling. But the rolling-over-tables..... now THAT is something that I'm hoping they fixed!

3rd Oct 2003, 21:11
hhhmmm..looking at the newest trailer, i think the speed isn't that bad after all :)..looks pretty freaking awesome! did anyone see the guy catch on fire? looks cool!