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28th Sep 2003, 04:44
i dont get it .... i followed advice i saw in another post .. and played the paris all over ... i talked to Bernard (guy in park) first ... and went to garage then serpent rounge and when i finally got to the top there's still nothing for me to take ...
what am i doing wrong? i went to the control room and pulled the lever but still its the same ... so i thought i'd try the other door that leads to the back of the place and it says i need keys to that door, and i remember that the keys are on the table ...

so what am i to do?

Lara Croft Online
28th Sep 2003, 05:45
Hit the left switch twice and the right switch once.
This will line up our light that Pierre said was the only one broken. Now we leave
The control room and head across the catwalk Lara’s so graciously kicked down for us.
Go to the end to the ladder again and back to the rigging with the box once again.
If you threw the switches correctly you’ll find Pierre’s Trinket Box.
Return to the ladder and back to the control room where you’ll encounter a baddie.
Take his weapon after and a Ticket Office Key that is on the floor. Before we exit
Climb down the ladder and grab a snack of chocolate. Climb back up and exit through
The door. Make your way down to the street level by taking the ladder then drop
From a small opening and then a flight of stairs. Through an opening and drop to the
Street. We are now finished with Le Serpent Rouge and need to find a manhole
Cover for the Metro Tunnels.

28th Sep 2003, 06:33
i tried the lever in the control room and the hand only lights up on the 2nd lever to the right i pulled that one and the light moved to the box ... i notice the light coloured light is the broken one ..i've been trying to pull the other levers, but for some reason i cant. i can only pull that one lever.. been standing at the controls and just pressing the actions button for about a few hours but still nothing.

28th Sep 2003, 08:11
hey thanks... now im trying to out run the stupid bomb ... i get down the door and run to the tunnel/sewer but once i jump into there she wont move..... and she dies there all the time .... hhaah ... and i thought i was done with problems.....