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28th Sep 2003, 02:54
I've heard that you can farm in Startopia, but I can't figure out how. Do you need to research something? I really want to farm! And does anyone know where I can find a list of what plants grow best where?

28th Sep 2003, 02:56
Well, you need plants, and then you need to harvest them....

28th Sep 2003, 02:58
Oh thanks, you're SO helpful. I don't even know how to GET plants :( .

28th Sep 2003, 03:01
Have you played the tutorials? You must hire Karmaramma, and have access to the Bio-Deck.

28th Sep 2003, 03:03
Thanks! I'm not really one to take tutorials :rolleyes: , but anyways, does anyone know where I can find a list of the conditions best for each plant?

28th Sep 2003, 07:08
The Startopia Reference has pretty much everything in it, including a detailed list of plants, where they grow, and what they produce. (Page 33). It's in pdf format, and the link is located in the file section of the Post, under TopiaReference (http://www.strategyplanet.com/startopia/files/TopiaRefv03.pdf)

One of my favorite sites has almost all the same info, but in a colorful and humorous format. (Though it doesn't list plants, I checked). They call themselves the RTCS Startopia Pages (http://www.rakrent.com/rtsc/rtsc_startopia.htm)

Enjoy! :D

28th Sep 2003, 10:22
Now I can't figure out how to harvest... :rolleyes:

28th Sep 2003, 10:32
There are nine types of soil: Dry, Moist and Damp mixed with Cold, Warm and Hot. There is also fresh-water. Each combination produces a shrub and a tree (20 plants in total). If you float the mouse over a plant and press F1, it tells you what it produces if you harvest it.

28th Sep 2003, 23:02
Right click a plant to harvest it. It will show a round circle, with green and red. When this "timer" runs out, the plant will vanish and a crate(s) will take it's place.

Also note that harvesting even a single plant affects all the Karmaraman's negatively, since you're chopping down their forest. It's a VERY small hit per plant, but it is there, so don't wipe out the entire bio-section at once unless you want a mass mutiny.

The more plants you have, the more will grow. If you have a lot of plants clustered together it will be almost impossible to run out of basic crates, since they will grow so fast at that point.

29th Sep 2003, 09:09
If you are harvesting plants make sure you have plenty of scuzzers to haul the cargo down to your cargo holds or visit the biodeck often and collect any cargo pods that have been created. If you leave them too long the cargo will become damaged and useless.