View Full Version : POLL: coolest vamp

28th Sep 2003, 00:55
Which vamp is the coolest

Umah Bloodomen
28th Sep 2003, 02:26
You were missing a couple. ;)

Sade Lyrate
28th Sep 2003, 05:59
...'cause nothing can beat his greenish glory...:D

Yours, with deference

28th Sep 2003, 07:16
Raziel when he is fallen because he looks more Demon than Vampire, Wich is good, lol. And i like that the jaw is missing and no eyeballs with no organs and the ribs just poping out.

28th Sep 2003, 22:54
Prefallen Raz - coz seeing that pic of him on the back of the Quest for Melchiah demo was the first thing that made me fork over the cash. http://www.imagemagician.com/images/rook/wayfarer/bigsmileltblu.gif

29th Sep 2003, 12:50

or Sebastian! Or any of the Blood Omen 2 gang :)

I mean, I am biased anyway!

"The fiend that dogged my shadows revealed himself. And in the light, I knew him. Another visage from my past!"

30th Sep 2003, 16:51
Can we really call the fallen Raziel a vampire? If so, I say he has my vote. If not... i'll go with old Kain.

Apocrypha Roxy
30th Sep 2003, 17:59
It was a gamble between Elder Kain, Blue Raz, and Vorador... I chose Elder Kain.

And why am I not suprised to see no one voted for Melchiah? :p

(Of the lieutenants we fought, I liked Zephon the best because he was an utter taffer. Of the vamps we fought in BO2, Sebastian gets my vote - I think he's awesome. Oh, and Vorador just 0wnz, hands down. Kain and Raz go without speaking. :D )