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27th Sep 2003, 23:11
do you most want to play as Kain?

or do you most want to play as Raziel?

27th Sep 2003, 23:22
Apparently, Kain will be more focused on attack combos and telekinesis, while Raziel will be more focused on magical abilities inherent to the Soul Reaver. So it's Raziel for me.

Plus, Raziel gets to shift. I really love that.

Camus Audron
27th Sep 2003, 23:52
Kain. I've already played with Raz a lot, so I wanna see what this Demigod Kain can do

28th Sep 2003, 00:06
Me too :D Playing as a Demi-god its a must :)

28th Sep 2003, 04:12
I want to play as raziel some more yes i have played with him alot but everytime i take control of him he just seems so much more better, and the enhanced reaver looks quite sweet to destroy enemies with. Plus they are giving the game a whole new make over so i want to see with they do to the main man RAZIEL

Sade Lyrate
28th Sep 2003, 05:57
...'cause then I get to ogle him a lot!
And, as it is, the more the merrier...;)

...though there's nothing wrong with the blue dude either...
...it's just that Kain's cooler...

Yours, with deference

28th Sep 2003, 06:03
Y'know, all you Kain people make a point, especially with the demigod thing. And my favorite moment in all the trailers is still where Kain is on the bridge and he hovers up, bringing a Thrall with him, beats him a few times, and then throws him off the bridge, still hovering. That scene and the other one where Kain is hoovering blood from more than one enemy together do create a compelling case for Kain being fun to play.

On a side note, I suspect that sort of thing is going to be the major gameplay difference. They'll both have abilities that are roughly equivalent, but their differences will be individually subtle and together enough that playing Kain will require a completely different combat strategy than playing Raziel. All in all, that'd probably be a better way to make them different than to just give them all different abilities, I think.

28th Sep 2003, 07:32
Raziel Raziel Raziel Raziel RAZIEL!!!!!!!!!
Dont get me wrong, i like Kain, but Raziel is truely the coolest character ever created whether it be in video games or in....... anything, he rules!!!

28th Sep 2003, 07:36
Raziel is my Fav,but i voted Kain as ever since i first delved into this legacy (sr1,sr2,bo2,then bo1) i have had a mass fever to play as demi-god Kain and i almost exploded with excitement when i heard that Defiance was a double act!:D

28th Sep 2003, 10:16
I have to admit Raziel is bad, but there's just something about Kain that makes him just a bit cooler in my book. Maybe its he intelligence and wisdom and that he's on the bigger plan thats going on. Or maybe its his strength and ruthlessness to not be stopped untill he finds out whats going on. He just seems to have these God like qualities that gives him this presence. Man is he cool.

28th Sep 2003, 10:26
I'm looking forward to playing as both characters.

Kain and Raziel are both amazing in their own unique ways.

28th Sep 2003, 15:24
Raz is fun because of the spectral realm and elemental Reavers and Kain is fun because he's a viscious all powerfull demigod. I'd like to see Kain give his sadistic explanations of his moves again like in BO1.

28th Sep 2003, 21:45
Originally posted by Vampmaster
Raz is fun because of the spectral realm and elemental Reavers and Kain is fun because he's a viscious all powerfull demigod. I'd like to see Kain give his sadistic explanations of his moves again like in BO1.

I just want to hear him yell his "Vae Victus!" warcry. (Er, that is how it's spelled, right?)

29th Sep 2003, 11:05
Nothing surpasses the emotion of sucking some blood from a distance... Telekinesis owns, Kain and his legacy owns!

29th Sep 2003, 14:53
Originally posted by Kainite
Kain and his legacy owns!

Heh. The current poll results disagree. :D

30th Sep 2003, 04:44
Kain...no need to explain

LoL no jk, but seriously still Kain; Looking at Raz, who I do happen to like dont get me wrong, but taking a step back and actually looking at him he is just so i dunno destroyed looking but in a good way; a fallen angel sort of way, haha. Nah Raz is the man, but Kain is even more so. Pawn(isnt everyone?), Creator, Destroyer, Balance Guardian, and Demigod(kind of hard to beat). What more is there to say, well the fact that he has badass voice acting behind his character helps.

Apocrypha Roxy
30th Sep 2003, 17:24
I can't choose.

Raz is badass because he shifts realms, and he goes wacky in Defiance, and you can't help but love his pitiful little self and all the stuff he gets into. And he's soo cute! You just want to hug him and feed him icecream (or at least try) and play Scrabble and just hang out cause he's just soo pitiful and you want to cheer him up. He's Pecola Breedlove pitiful... just, so, pitiful... aww...

And Kain is badass because... well... he's Kain, he has subjugated an entire world, he's evaded multiple attempts on his life with pretty much ease... he's a master at survival. And he has a gorgeous voice. He ownz. I love Kain. If he followed me home, I'd ask if I could keep him. :)

I look forward to both of them. And the shennanigans they get themselves into this time around.

-runs away all happy-

30th Sep 2003, 22:48
They're both so cool, I can't pick.

3rd Oct 2003, 05:41
I had to vote Raziel... I came into the series with SR, and loved SR2. And BO2 left a bad taste in my mouth... But it is only a little bit more - I am really looking forward to playing as this Kain, the demigod. I would have vastly preferred that to BO2... so it is exciting! But I just find Raziel's character so much more compelling... I can't really explain why, since it's getting late. (But there's a reason my text is always blue... and why I've got his sigil in my sig...) But his story seems so much more epic... that whole vampiric messiah - savior of Nosgoth thing...

AR, I love your description of Raziel! It's so true... that's why Serul designed a Raz plushie long ago... I remember the first time my sister played - she managed to make it all cute, too... I took this great screenshot for her of Raziel crouching in the snowdrift in SR2 - just his head is poking out of the snow! Hee hee...

poor lil' blue guy! Oh... I made myself sad.

3rd Oct 2003, 07:18
I'm looking forward to playing with both of them just as much.
In the beggining I liked Raziel the most and his story has always been the most epic one, but well Kain has grown on me. And playing as demigod Kain that is something I really wanted to do since SR2 (my first LOK game).

6th Oct 2003, 22:01
well for me i always like Kain and i prefere his story, which was something that i was disapointed in with BO2, BO had tones of story and was fantastic, BO2 had hardly, it also lack the funny Kain comment u used to get all lot in BO.

so far BO was is the only one that really shows Kain character really well.

so hopeing it will be better this time round.

but they should bring back Kains spells and transformations :)
the spells were just so cool and down right Evil :)

would love to see some of them in action in 3D :)

but some how i think the days of BO are long gone ad the TR style is here to stay. :(

saying that from what i have seen so far, Defience reminds me of Devil May Cry (and thats not really a good thing)

6th Oct 2003, 23:31
First of all Kain is the man. He's my favorite character. I think he's more altuistic than he lets on. Even at the end of BO2 he offered the Saraphan Lord a chance to live. He's like Nosgoth's protector. That's why is my favorite.

But still, wouldn't it be great if they made a game featuring Janos in the Hylden prison plane? I think so.

Raziel is great as well.

Anyone look at the new screen shots? There is one of Moebius standing over a weakened Kain. I hate Moebius SO MUCH!:mad:

7th Oct 2003, 19:55
Yeah I h8 him too I cant wait to hunt him down and finally tear his heart out myself:D MMMMHHHHHAAA HHAAAA MMMHHAAA HAAA
whoops I got to excited better go change my underwear :o lol

10th Oct 2003, 21:47
Yes, I too have seen the dastardly screenshot of Moebius standing over Kain. I will have revenge...it's mine...all mine.

Anyways, I'm not really swayed either way as to who I want to play as the most. When I first saw Kain in Soul Reaver 1, my mind went into overdrive. Malicious, cunning, evil... I was pretty awed. Then, playing as Raziel, it was really fun to beat somebody senseless and then devour their soul. So...I'm not quite sure. I just hope their both equalled out.

I think it'd be cool to play as Janos (or Vorador) in a Legacy of Kain game, too, Graz'zt. :)

16th Oct 2003, 20:03
Raziel for me. I really hope Raziel doesn't bite the dust or else this maybe my last LOK game :(

So far Raziel is in the lead too.

17th Oct 2003, 00:00
Kain pwns Raziel.

Raziel has alot of power...but heck, Kain = wiser and has ALOT more power.....if it wasnt for that dang soul reaver all Raziel would be is...well... a wrath.

17th Oct 2003, 01:59
If we were talking about the white-skinned Blood Omen 2 Kain and the Soul Reaver 2 Raziel, I would definitely choose Kain. However, I find the yellow-skinned 'evolved' Kain to be absurdly ugly according to my aesthetic preferences, so in this case I choose Raziel.

17th Oct 2003, 19:00
Originally posted by SoulCat
Raziel is truely the coolest character ever created whether it be in video games or in....... anything, he rules!!!

NOOOOOO!!! The best character ever created in anything is Homer Simpson, who else?

I did vote for Kain, but I don't know they're both cool in different ways...

Kain The Ancient
18th Oct 2003, 02:02
Kain .

I'ts hard to choose between the two , but Raziel doesn't have the same presence Kain has. Kain is strong , cunning , ruthless , decisive , he always has his own way. He is the perfect anti-hero , one that creates his own path in life and cares not for any other creature on the planet.

Raziel is just a nice guy. He always gets manipulated by everyone , has no idea what's going on and changes opinions more often than most of us change underwears. And he looks too nice in SR2 (He looked more like a freaky dissolved undead creature in SR).

18th Oct 2003, 16:46
Well i belive the game brings them together to solve their diferences and explain parts that remained a mistery in the previos parts of the Legacy. Raziel is a very interesting character and the way he behaven and handles some situations make him necesary for the game. But: Kain is enigmatic, sarcastic, he is unpredictable, he bares a greater task. Thou Raz's course of action was clear from the intro of SR1, Kain always remained a mystical character. I for one am glad that the game has 2 perspectives. Remember: none of us is Kain or Raziel, we are but playing their parts so try to understand their esence with an objective eye.

And by the way KAIN THE ANCIENT, Kain is not an anti-hero, he is a hero. A anti-hero is a character of a play who never reaches his/hers ideals and is actually a complete failure, mostly comiting siucide or geting killed. No hard feelings, i hope...

18th Oct 2003, 20:46
Originally posted by SanguinSarafim
And by the way KAIN THE ANCIENT, Kain is not an anti-hero, he is a hero. A anti-hero is a character of a play who never reaches his/hers ideals and is actually a complete failure, mostly comiting siucide or geting killed. No hard feelings, i hope...

Common usage of that term has shifted. While it means that classically, now it's more often used to mean "a protagonist who's a bastard."

This is understandable. "Anti-hero" is the opposite of "hero," and "hero" used to mean "one who accomplishes great things," with no moral judgement attatched. It makes sense in that context for "anti-hero" to mean "one who tries but ultimately fails to accomplish great things."

But that's not what "hero" means anymore. We've attatched morals to it, so "hero" means "good guy who accomplishes great things." Thus, "anti-hero" has shifted to mean "bad guy who accomplishes great things."

Kain is an anti-hero.

Soul Devourer
21st Oct 2003, 12:38
Of course i choose Raziel,Raziel,Raziel,Raziel!!!!!
He is the coolest.Also i believe Sr series are better than Bo series.

21st Oct 2003, 15:43
"a protagonist who's a bastard."

That's it. That's the character I want to play as.

21st Oct 2003, 17:42
Raziel is better because he's blue. nuff said

23rd Oct 2003, 02:27
:p Well I must have to say that I really want to play Kain most of all because well he is a bada$$ of course. One thing I played Raz in the first and second Sr games so I like to play the badboy demigod OH YEAH!!!! I might be a little moved by Kain more than raz well come on his voice is superb and you would probably blushed to death well I would. but try not to show itred ariel :D :D :D

23rd Oct 2003, 23:12
Ooh. Raziel was ahead there for a while, but Kain just needs one more vote to tie.

25th Oct 2003, 19:48
Raziel is best!!!

RA Fox
25th Oct 2003, 20:39
I voted for both of them. Looks like they will be more like two different fighters on one side for one cause with different ways to accomplish it. I really like both of them. Raziel's abilty to survive and move on no matter that happens and Kain's wisdom and smart lyrics.
P.S A bit offtopic. Does it look to me or is it real that all of You are a bit smarter than many others on different games. It puts me to dilemma that singleplayer game is with so united community, members of which respect opinions of others as much as their own than multiplayer games where everybody is just trying to beat each other and prove they are smarter. Am i right or wrong ?
And sorry for mistakes , english is not my native language.

Vampric Lord Kain
26th Oct 2003, 04:30
I choose both. I will be playing as Kain and Raziel. I will play, maybe, more as Kain. Seeing as how he is my favorite character:D . I think Raziel will be better in this one. But Kain might be...WAY better.

26th Oct 2003, 18:53
I prefer Raziel, because the storyline is much more exciting when you're playing Raziel, because he isn't as wise etc. yet as Kain, so he still has a lot to learn and that creates a much better story for me :). Also when you're Raziel you still are able to learn a lot of new (magic) tricks etc., while Kain is already almost as powerful as possible and that's why being Raziel creates a more exciting gameplay for me. And... I prefered SR and SR2 over BO2, so that kind of influenced my opinion too :)

Erving JeansBgone
26th Oct 2003, 19:51
It`s raz for me to ,and i agree with Tesla if raziel gets it i`m so gona get ticked off he`s the coolest of the lok games anyway,sarcastic and bad,and his blighted eyes rule