View Full Version : Rene Auberjonois confirmed for Defiance!

27th Sep 2003, 08:44
Found this thread on the NR forums.


It doesn't actually say who's voice Rene is doing, but it's a very good guess that it's Janos.

27th Sep 2003, 13:45
As far as I'm aware, Auberjonois was confirmed around the same time as Simon Templeman and Michael Bell - no offense, man, but this is old hat.

In that same vein, I just noticed something I'm sure the rest of you have known for months - Michael Bell does the voice of the Prophet in WarCraft III. Don't know why I care, but I just came by a copy a few days ago, noticed it, and thought, "Gee, that sounds like Raziel. Oh well, back to cutting stuff up good."


27th Sep 2003, 13:51
Really? I've been keeping up to date with Defiance news but this was the first confirmation I had of Rene.

Oh, well. You're probably right. Apologies to all.

27th Sep 2003, 16:49
This may come as a surprise to some people, but, I bet Tony Jay, Richard Doyle, Paul Lukather, Anna Gunn are all in the game too. Dont ask me why I feel this way. I don't think it has anything to do with the fact that we've already seen all these characters and Janos in the trailers/magazines.

27th Sep 2003, 21:37
Rio - He also does the voice for the Druid of the Talon unit.

28th Sep 2003, 03:54
As I said before - no offense meant - so therefore no need to apologize.


28th Sep 2003, 09:33
Sorry, I just felt obliged.

28th Sep 2003, 10:53
Anyway I only heard recently that Rene would return in Defiance. It didn't really surprise me though..