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26th Sep 2003, 18:48
I don't know if the few that are still here read about this, yet. But the word is that a new CG movie is being made by Square.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


26th Sep 2003, 20:20
I'm not sure whether it's going to be a CG movie... I mean, I thought the movie section of Square is shut down?

Whatever it is... hopefully this thing will provide more answers than questions... although some more questions will be nice :)

27th Sep 2003, 22:23
I'm excited, but Cloud looks depraved.

1st Oct 2003, 16:03
Hoo Ha! Hope it turns out better than ... oh well.

4th Oct 2003, 21:18

Yeah, I heard about it too. I think it will be great, and I want to buy it!

9th Oct 2003, 02:20
YAY!! this will be great! i can't wait!!!!

I decided to come over to the boards after i saw the trailer (just today, on Xplay), i never thought it would be so deserted here....

Only problem.... Sephiroth

in the walking into the fire scene.... he looks way too much like a girl, not the long hair, his face.

when he is fighting... when did this become Midgar reloaded? when did we rename cloud neo? why is Sephiroth dancing around like someone from the Matrix?? this bugs me, he always used his sword with two hands, in the movie, he handles it like a small knife.

WHEN DID HE CUT HIS HAIR!! he was born with that long hair, and he died with it (IF he died, i don't want to belive it). they do NOT get to cut his hair.... they had better CUT (haha) that scene.

but even though they messed up the entire point of watching it, it's still gunna rock.

9th Oct 2003, 14:39
I think they look too young. It's 2 years later, so they should be around 25 years old. They look like they are 14 in the pics I've been seeing.

Disorderly Conduct
10th Oct 2003, 06:27
Ah, but you're forgetting about Jenova cell and what it did to Lucrecia. Maybe they're extremely old, and not aged a day? Who knows. Watch the movie....

I still would of rather it be a game. Instead i'm stuck with a sequel to the worst FF game ever... FF10...

10th Oct 2003, 15:00
I did a little thinking about my last post.

Is it going to be 2 years after that flash of light, or 502 years?

I keep on seeing interviews (it's probably the same one, just on different sites) That says Square-enix, can't make a remake of FF7, because the technology of the first game is too old to work with. What are they thinking....no one wants to play FF7-2 on the PS1, with the old gaming engine.

I know I would want something based off of the latest gaming engine, like FFX. They're just making up, excuses.

12th Oct 2003, 03:20
FF7-2 wouldn't be that hard. They would never build it from the ground up, that would cost too much, but they might do what they did with FF4-6 or so, where they ported the game, but souped up the cut scenes.

I was talking with a friend and have to think things over. to those of you who have seen the trailer... who do you think is in the wheelchair. my FIRST thought was "oh, it's jenova, duh, who else would sephiroth kneel infrount of.

no, i've changed my mind. that person he is bowing to is.......
Yes, the title is advent CHILDREN. his clones could be considered children, and he could still be recovering (like cloud with the mako poision). the person who is bowing is a clone, and maybe that person who cloud is fighting.

This could just be my wishful thinking, maybe i don't want to belive that his hair is cut.

Really, think about it, the title means something. Advent can mean "The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important". so of course, OR "The first or the expected second coming of Christ" the second coming.... of SEPHIROTH, and children, the coming of his clones.

well, just throwing in my thoughts, I'd like to hear some other's too.

(definitions from dictionary.com)

13th Oct 2003, 01:33
I thought Sephiroth110's theory is very good, that could explain everything.

I just wanted to know: what about all the other characters? I know it wouldn't be a surprise if they were dead, but the movie would be very boring with just Sephiroth and Cloud...wouldn't it?

15th Oct 2003, 00:13
Saw a preview, somewhere...there are apparently going to be 20 FF characters in the anime. I wouldn't be surprised if they come from other Final Fantasy games, KH style.

10th Nov 2003, 14:36

I might be able to give you something else to twirl regarding this reincarnation of FF7.

This, FF7, was the most popular game, for Squaresoft, ever. They do listen to the fans of the game. It didn't quite have the sales of FF6, but the interest and discussions FF7 generated have made the folks on the top floor sit up and take notice.

This short movie, about and hour long, could maybe just be the prologue to something else. We'll see.
The director thought that making a video game sequel to FF7 would have been too "easy". heheh. He made a statement that Square needed to try some new things, in regard to video games. I'd say this was a 'new approach'.

So here's my speculation-

In a few years, the PS3 will be out. FF11 and FF12 will be history for the PS2. Squenix will want something to debut on the new game console. Why not the 'sequel' to the orginal FF7 and the Advent movie? A very popular game that a lot of folks want a sequel too and movie about that same game. Use the movie as the prologue/teaser for FF7-2. I believe they did it with FFX. Remember the short movie, The Eternal Calm, at the end of FFX? The movie that precluded a first ever Final Fantasy sequel?

Might just see another sequel in a few years...

11th Nov 2003, 11:51
Hey 3car, have you any idea when the release date is?

11th Nov 2003, 13:55

Japan and neighbors will probably see it late spring/early summer of 2004. The Advent movie that is.

US release will probably be Christmas 2004 to early spring 2005. then again, the US might not get the Advent movie release; Square didn't release the Eternal Calm video for the US version of FFX.

Lightning couldn't strike twice, could it?

this is all pure speculation on former trends of said video game company...;)

11th Nov 2003, 20:05
this is all pure speculation on former trends of said video game company...

Haha good point... I don't really want a video release though. I'm sure it's going to be good enough for the big screen, whether or not that company thinks so is another question.

14th May 2007, 07:57
Ive got FF7 advent children:D

26th May 2007, 18:05
Dude.. read the date they posted this at.. 2003. You replied to a near 4 year old topic..

dumah's wraith
15th Jun 2007, 19:35
How come this thread stayed open and my one about Dirge of Cerberus was closed?