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26th Sep 2003, 16:54
They're building a Medieval Times near me. Next time you're in Baltimore, me and the wife'll treat ya!

27th Sep 2003, 04:20
Well, that's an offer I can't refuse. :) Thank you! If I ever get that way, I will surely look you guys up. In the meantime, I highly recommend you guys go. Well worth it. Let us know what you think of it.
Have fun!

30th Sep 2003, 22:00
Hey, I'm glad to hear it. Where exactly are they building it? I don't know if we could get Brokenarts away from Texas though. :D

1st Oct 2003, 00:24
Sh3it..........get me away from Texas any day.:D

1st Oct 2003, 16:22
It's at Arundel Mills Mall. I work right by there, and I have been watching them build it as I drive by. :)